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March 27, 2009

Everyone can be proud that they are displaying great intensity!

Welcome Back Phoebe!

The Board from yesterday and today.




Work Up To A 1 Rep Max Use As Many Sets As You Like

Jane Delivers an ‘Atomic Ninja Punch’ (I was knocked clear by the shock wave just after I got this shot. When I came to there was nothing but a broken chain with pieces of red shredded canvas and the floor was covered with the stuffing. Thankfully Drew must have patched the hole in the wall and left an identical bag which I reluctantly hung up before I staggered to my car.-True story.

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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    Tim and Nicole. Have a great time in Albany this weekend at the Running and Endurance Certification. You guys will be great!

    Mark and Matt. Have fun in Brooklyn with Dutch this weekend. Bring our love to Andy.

    There will be no 7 a.m. class on Saturday.


  2. Jane Reply

    Ninjas are supposed to be deadly, which I am. They’re also supposed to be invisible, which I obviously need to work on.

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