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March 28, 2009

Again,no 7am…but there are some fun Crossfit “Games” planned for the 1:00pm. Have a great time and I will see everyone Sunday with lots to talk about from Dutch’s seminar in Brooklyn. Andy sends back a big smiley hello. See you guys on Sunday at 3-have fun playing tomorrow!

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  1. Littles Reply

    Sarah, 215 lb deadlift? Seriously? 50# PR in one day?
    What have you been eating?
    That was amzing to watch.

  2. Phoebe Reply

    I may not be able to come today, we are doing tax stuff…aside from the fact that I’m having trouble MOVING! *so sore*

  3. sarah lee Reply

    Great Job everyone. That was really fun!

  4. sarah lee Reply

    Jon. How many d.u. did you get. 96? or 106?
    That was awesome.

  5. Phoebe Reply

    Whats the plan for tomorrow? Sorry I missed today, heard Duck Duck Goose, was a great warm up!!!

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    Hello Guys- Just got in from NY I will post some pictures and highlights tomorrow- Dutch’s seminar was really good-I got many ideas and I think that they will benefit all of us.
    Tomorrow is open gym and you can make up a workout, practice skills and drills or come in and stretch and socialize-it all works at our Sunday class.
    See you there!

  7. Nicole Reply

    Nice work Sarah, 215 lb. deadlift is amazing! I can’t wait to see where everyone is at a year from now, or even 6 months from now, or wait, even a week from now!!!

    The Running and Endurance Cert. was great, I increased my running efficiency by 70% in two days! Ah, that could mean I was really messed up before, but on average the group increased by 50%. Not bad for two days!

    Miss everyone, see you soon…

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