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March 30, 2009

Nice job today everyone! I was impressed by the progress and ability everyone is showing with the snatch. There was also excellent intensity for a very tough Tabata mash-up. You can thank Matt and Donna Dyson from MaD CrossFit for that idea.

One of the following is true-one is false. Can you guess which one?

1. In an effort to stop all of that intensity and good results we’ve been getting I had some members recently just lay around or walk around the parking lot-not to briskly of course, but reaching a target heart rate of 70 beats per minute-I expect to see some great improvement in the important things like the color of their aura, the alignment of their chakras, and the balance of their well being.

2. Everyone in these photos just did Fight Gone Bad as hard as they possibly could-(they all had Pr’s) and all they could do was lay there or walk in circles until they felt normal. And they are a heck of a lot stronger for it.

Sorry to those of you that said 1.-the answer was 2! Yes these are athletes who recognize that the only way to get the results that we want is to safely be as intense as you can-Jon had a big pr with 350 and Adam…404! That is sick!





Thrusters 95/65
Pull Ups

Heavy Fran is also an option…

Here’s a decent example of a nice looking Fran.

Everyone’s Talking About the New Kip In Town

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  1. jmiles Reply

    is adam real?

  2. jmiles Reply

    if adam got punched in the face, would his skin peel back to reveal a metal interior, like arnold had on terminator 1?

  3. jmiles Reply

    would chuck norris break his leg if he round house kicked adam in the face?

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Adam came to us with a Baboon Heart.

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