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April 07, 2009

Everyone is getting scary strong…Nice work on Grace. Even though the goal is speed I saw some great attention to form today-thats the way it should be-good job guys!




100 Pull Ups
100 Push Ups (Chest to deck and lock out at the top)
100 Sit Ups
100 Air Squats

Very Cool Time Lapse ‘Angie’ (He did it in 16:27 The most elite CrossFitters are sub 10min)

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  1. Littles Reply

    This looks like fun!

  2. Nicole Reply

    I agree with Liz, look’s like fun, except maybe those 100 pull-ups!!! It’s a rest day for me, but I might just have to make this one up later on in the week…

    Have fun everyone!

    Congrats Sarah on your CrossFit total! Strong girl, keep it up!

  3. sarah lee Reply

    Congratulations Nicole on your 3 Pull-ups! Amazing!

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    So far every one is having a lot of “fun” see you soon for Angie! Mwahahahahaa!!!!
    Mark “I take my coffee with evil and splenda” Lee

  5. Jane Reply

    Mark, a little birdie told me Splenda contains arsenic and heavy metals, you should be careful. Or the little birdie will be doing her “I was right” dance at your funeral too.

  6. Jane Reply

    Oh, and Mark, beware the little birdie. She has a 225 pound deadlift!!!

  7. sarah lee Reply

    Jane… you might want to remind him that the little birdie is always right! Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. crossfit mama Reply

    Sarah your evil laugh just makes me so happy.

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