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April 07, 2009

Good Job to all of our athletes for attacking the ‘Angie’ workout today!
We classify all of the movements from ‘Angie’ as ‘gymnastic’ movements. If you would like to learn more about gymnastics go to www.GymnasticBodies.com




3 Rounds For Time
500m Row
12 Body Weight Deadlifts
21 Box Jumps (Medium Size Box)

Pat “The Manimal” Barber blurs through Christine. Pat was 4th at the CF Games in 08.

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    I wonder how I can loose 15 pounds in 18 hours.

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Here is a little footnote about the body weight deadlift…first off-its not fair. its biased to small to medium sized strong people not particularly favoring females or bigger individuals who aren’t strong for their size. That said it is what it is and in life you can’t change some things that are not fair like this and you pick the sucker up 12 x in a row-like say a pile of large rocks trapping your pet lemur.
    So what I would encourage those at a disadvantage to do is pick a weight thats closer to your actual weight if you were 18-20% body fat as a female and 10-15% bodyfat as a male. Unless you just want to punish yourself as motivation to stick with a nutrition plan…Unless that’s the case a little evening of the score is completely reasonable for our training purposes.

  3. Drew Reply

    12x BWOWIWIW

    (Body weight of what i wish i was)



    (Body weight of what i was in third grade)

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