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April 09, 2009

Some very good advice from our friends in San Fran at LaLanne Fitness…

“I recently got back into the habit of drinking 1 gallon of water every day and I can’t tell you how great I feel. I am telling you, it was like MAGIC, over nite my waist got tighter and leaner! There are many reasons to drink lots of water. On a physiological level, every chemical reaction in the human body requires one water (H2O) molecule! This means that the more water you have in your system, the faster your body will digest food, breakdown bodyfat and build lean muscle. If you are dehydrated, both performance and health will decline. When I forget to stay hydrated, I feel fatigued and do not recovery at the same rate. If you want to get lean, have more energy and just feel better in general, make the effort to drink more water. The way I make sure to get a full gallon each day is by using a crystal geyser jug which can be found at your local grocery store.”



We Call It …”Husband Killer”

Without Putting The Bar Down…
As many reps as possible Power cleans in 10 minutes 135/85
Foul for dropping the Bar-Penalty 10 Pull Ups

This great Idea came from the trainers at Sarah and Nicole’s Cert in NJ this past February.

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  1. Nicole Reply

    I knew this one would come back to haunt us!!! Yikes, guess I should prepare myself for lots of pull ups!

  2. Mark Lee Reply


  3. Phoebe Reply

    Cool water bottle pic…this “Husband Killer” really inspires me to “start over” tomorrow! Yea…thanks!

  4. Littles Reply

    I love power cleans!

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    Good work Phoebe-glad you made it in this morning

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