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April 14, 2009

You guys are getting ridiculously fit. Jane with 8 pull ups, Nicole with a 200lb DL Jared heaving up 465! McGuire,Boisvert,Tim,Bobby all PR’ing their squats… there are so many! Lets keep going! Don’t be shy add your accomplishment if I left it out to the comments-we love to hear it.

So far we have 1 person that confirmed that they want to be included in the Running workshop April 25th and 26th. The times are 2pm on Saturday the 25th and 3pm on Sunday the 26th-which means that the open gym that Sunday will be cancelled for the Running workshop. Please e-mail me and confirm weather or not you are going to want to be included. Again the cost is 25$ for members of C3.



Snatch Progression and possibly a little bit of weight if you are comfortable and cape able. Followed by…


KB Swings 1.5/1
Sit Ups

It’s doable Matty and I did it in less than 10 min this afternoon.

Here’s another sampler from my latest obsession…

The roll-Don’t do it from these heights but you might practice this off a box onto the crash pad at the Box.

More extensive look and more advanced-stop me if I try to Jump off of the top of the Bathroom tomorrow.

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  1. Nicole Reply

    You know you’re a true CrossFitter when… you wake up happy because you PR’d in your sleep:} 14 Kipping pull-ups!!! (And yes, there were witnesses.)

    I think I need a rest day now… See you Wednesday!

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Nice Job? We always miss you on tuesday-looking forward to the Wednesday WOD-you are gonna love it!

  3. Jane Reply

    Uh-Oh…whenever Mark says we’re gonna love a workout, it means trouble! Beware Evil Sensei!!
    Nicole, nice job on 14 kipping pull-ups! I’m congratulating you now because I know it won’t be long before you reach that dream 🙂

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