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April 14, 2009



“Our Nicole”
15 Cleans 135/85

The cleans can be power or squat cleans-this time…

Have you reserved your spot in the running workshop? Here is the method that Tim and Nicole got certified in being studied and practiced by an Olympic triathlete.

Bar Muscle Up


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  1. sarah lee Reply

    Yeah… Can’t wait for the workout Nicole.

    Liz, awesome job today! You rocked. Paleo is working wonders for you! You are sooo Strong!

  2. Littles Reply

    aww Sarah, so kind. I do feel good, it’s so nice to bounce out of bed in the morning with a lot of energy.

    If anyone wants to read the Paleo Diet For Athletes, it’ll be available after Mark reads it.

    I want to sign up for the running, I have to work on sunday so I would only make one day of it…..
    think I should?

  3. Littles Reply

    Bobby, Tim and Nicole your milk is in the fridge at C3.

  4. sarah lee Reply

    I dreamt last night that I did 15 kipping pull-ups in a row…

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    I would like to announce that although I haven’t yet been successful at a regular front flip onto the red mat-I will be attempting a double backflip off of the building for video. Anyone interested in cheering me on please arrive on time for the 4 o’clock. In related news depending on the success of this stunt we may have to cancel the 5 and 6…possibly close indefinitely…you know what,I think I’ll just try not to be dizzy in the sommersault-on the ground, where I probably won’t die.

  6. Tim Gagne Reply

    If anyone has any questions, concerns, or wants more information about the running clinic at the end of the month please email or call me at:

    *The clinic is designed for all abilities! We’ll only do a total of about 1 mile of running during both days.

    The majority of the time will be focused on “drills and skills” type of work. You’ll learn how to increase your running efficiency (how to make running easier, and avoid injury).

  7. Littles Reply

    I dreamt I did 15 strict pullups last night…..

  8. Tim Gagne Reply

    I did Nicole at the fire station today. It’s definatly not the same when you do it by yourself. Pretty windy out there, huh? Got 5.5 rounds – how did ya’all do?

  9. Littles Reply

    Good job Tim!
    I got 4 rounds 10 cleans (I needed to do what Nicole did).

  10. Drew Reply

    Am i the only person after reading Tim’s comment of “I did Nicole at the fire station today. It’s definetly not the same when you do it by yourself.” who started to laugh hysterically? Great job Tim!! Pretty gutsy to share stuff like that.(sorry probably wouldn’t have posted this if it wasn’t ten-thirty.)

  11. Jane Reply

    Mark, Sarah, you’ll understand when I say I walked into the room and Drew was laughing like Mutley after posting his comment. Tim, Nicole, I’m sorry…I wasn’t there in time to stop him!

  12. Mark Lee Reply

    Looks like a tie Gagne…This Friday when we do the Tim WOD we will all be wishing the Nicole WOD would come up again Mwahahahahah

    Drew go to bed and don’t check these posts ever again because if you see what you wrote you will probably want to shoot yourself-If you are reading this it’s too late.

  13. Nicole Reply

    For the record, I laughed too! Tim seems to have a way with words:}

  14. Drew Reply

    Thanks Nicole for bailing me out. I can’t believe i posted that, i must have been tired, max effort on the WOD must also exhaust my internal filter.

  15. Littles Reply

    Drew, in your defense I did think “reaaaallly Tim?”.
    That is all.

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