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April 17, 2009

“Show Up, Don’t Quit.”
Andy Petranek

(Lynne decimated me today.) Great work to all who participated in ‘Lynne’-that wod has the fun aspect of everyone getting to have a cheering section since we are all resting between rounds and I liked the atmosphere.
We are getting some really strong performances and everyone is showing great effort at honing in their technique. I love that CrossFit makes you think about moving well.

We have a bit of a most wanted list going on these days-
Molly-yes you missy

We want to see you guys soon.

The WOD for tomorrow…




15 Thrusters 95/65

We love ya Tim-EVERYONE please show up and give it the old college try on this one. We are the test group for a debate on Dutch’s blog-“Which suck worse” (which is a better movement) Thrusters or Squat Clean and Jerks. You can guess what one of the WOD’s will be next week. We are looking to get some fairly conclusive data on this from a number of athletes.

Coach Jerry Hill Puts em through thrusters-try and pick up on the cues

Parkour continued “The Butterfly Twist”

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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    As much as I HATE thrusters I think the squat clean and jerk is worse. Although It is easier to Push Jerk the weight overhead. Unfortunately, we will find out the hard way!


  2. Littles Reply

    I think Thrusters are worse, because of exactly what you said.

    Jerking the weight over head and making it 2 movements in the C&J is easier then one fluid movement with the thrusters. I think.

  3. Littles Reply

    See you at 6….I hope I won’t be working out alone!

  4. crossfit mama Reply

    In the words of Al Pacino, “Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in!”

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    CrossFit Mamma-Never Try To Leave The Family!

  6. Tim Gagne Reply

    After completing this workout today, I’m both proud and honored to have this WOD in my name… Can’t wait for it to come up again, and for everybody else to have a whack at me, I mean, it. Good luck.

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