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April 22, 2009

First off thank you to Tim and Nicole for the poem. Sarah and I are honored to have you as friends. It is on the cubby’s right now I hope everybody takes the time to read it.
Pat “The Athlete” Leary brought it to a whole new level today during the squat cleans for the ‘Elizabeth’ WOD. Pat also ran a 6 minute mile the other day-our current record! Keep up the great work, man!



AMRAP 15 Minutes

3 Deadlifts (Suggested Weight 315/220)
5 Box Jumps 30/24
7 Pull Ups

Tomorrows warm up!

Another Parkour Tutorial

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  1. Phoebe Reply

    just started antibiotics…sorry guys, as soon as I get back I fall behind! Good work to everyone, keep it up!

  2. Patrick Reply

    Haha thanks for the shout out, Mark! That was a good one today!

  3. Nicole Reply

    Your welcome Mark!

    Pat, you are doing awesome! Your speed is amazing, I wonder what your mile PR will be after a few more months of CrossFit!?

    Melanie, you have great form on your squats and dips! Look forward to seeing you soon…

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Don’t worry Phoebenominal-I know you will be in 5x a day when you come back!
    Pat-we are making a beast out of you…

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