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October 2015

CrossFit Cape Cod Sunday November 1st

Thanks Ann for the Pic! Crossfit Cape Cod WOD 10 Rounds 1 Min Of Row For Max Meters 1 Minute Rest The Goal Is 3000 meters for guys 2700 For the ladies Nutrition Challenge Final 5 Days! See the picture above. Monday we do the retest WODs!

CrossFit Cape Cod Saturday October 31st

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD Daniel 50 Pull Ups Run 400 21 Thrusters 95/65 Run 800m 21 Thrusters 95/65 Run 400 50 Pull Ups Nutrition Challenge On Halloween!? Is the board going to have more blank spaces than a Taylor Swift Song? That’s up to you, but the challenge ends in just 5...

CrossFit Cape Cod Friday October 30th

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD Strength Bench Press 1-1-1-1-1 Conditioning 70 Steps Walking Lunge 60 Toes To Bar 50 Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1 40 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20 Nutritition Challenge Day 23! Weigh Out Will Be On November 5th If you have a story of how the challenge has effected your...

CrossFit Cape Cod Thursday October 29th

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD 5 Rounds For Time 10 Power Cleans 135/95 15 Wall Balls 20/14 Nutrition Challenge Day 22! Dont over do it. If you are 3 weeks in chances are you feel great. Its easy to try to rush progress and run with the results and do the WOD, then knock out the optional....

CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday October 28th

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD AMRAP 20 Minutes 5 Burpees 1 Rope Climb 30 Double Unders Nutrition Challenge Day 21! 1 Week to go, we retest the benchmarks this coming Monday! Score sheets are in the drawer, what will yours look like when it is filled out? Only one week til weigh out, make...

CrossFit Cape Cod Tuesday October 27th

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD For Time: Row 1000m 50 Box Jumps 30 Deadlifts 245/165 Optional 50 Shoulder To Over Head 115/75 Start at strict press, when you can’t strict press, go to push press. When you can’t push press, push jerk. Every time you drop the bar do 15 GHD Sit...

CrossFit Cape Cod Monday October 26th

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD Strength Overhead Squat 2-2-2-2-2 Conditioning 21-15-9 Overhead Squat 95/65 Pull Ups Optional On The Minute For 10 Minutes 1-3 Strict Muscle Ups When The Strict Muscle Ups Fail Switch to Kipping Nutrition Challenge Day 19! Eating out can be a challenge on...

CrossFit Cape Cod Sunday October 25th

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD  Partner WOD Row 2000 100 Sit Ups Row 750 100 Sit Ups Row 500 100 Sit Ups 1 Person Working At A Time Nutrition Challenge Day 18! If you take one thing from the challenge it should be this simple tip: Eat your veggies. Every time you go to the store make sure...

CrossFit Cape Cod Saturday October 24th

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD Badger 3 Rounds For Time 30 Squat Cleans 95/65 30 Pull Ups Eun 800m Nutrition Challenge Day 17! Grab Some of Sarah’s Paleo Food at The Gruesome Twosome Competition At Baystate CrossFit! We have 3 Teams From C3 you can come cheer on! Being surrounded by...

CrossFit Cape Cod Friday October 23rd

CrossFit Cape Cod WOD 5 Cycles For Max Rounds 3 Minutes on 1 Minute Off 3 Power Snatches 115/75 6 Toes To Bar 9 Box Jumps 24/20 Score Total Rounds Completed. Start where you left off every new cycle. Optional 50 Handstand Push Ups For Time. Start Strict and Then Move To Kipping....