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December 2008

If the group in Mexico is reading this-let us know if you are sitting around getting fat and crossfitting- or just sitting around getting fat. Use your tequila soaked fingers to type a comment. C’mon make us jealous with tales of beach workouts in the sun. As for us…...


I found this on the CF Spokane web site. DISCLAIMER CrossFit Spokane is not your typical gym. You wont find cardio machines shinny weights or ferns. All of our members are here for one thing; to train hard and get into the best shape they can. If you want to walk for 20minutes...

Everyone did a great job of grinding out the filthy 50 on Saturday, just finishing is a huge achievement. Nice work to everybody who did all 500 reps. Jeff’s time didn’t change from last time this came up, but the difference is that he did 25 reps last time- this time...

Feeling Chipper?

Congratulations to everyone on some very good looking squatting. Nicky was fun to squat with-can’t wait to see her hit the 200lb mark! Jane pr’d- again! You guys are amazing me! Bobby hit 135 his first time with the overhead squat! He had an uncanny ability of saving...

Support Your Local Citizens-Tell a Firefighter About CrossFit

Parental advisory- several f-bombs after the workout That’s a man who earns his right to be a hero as a firefighter! He’s someone who truly can do everything humanly possible in a real time situation because he is so fit from CrossFit. In- house we have Tim and...

“Core Strength and Conditioning”

Just what is a “core strength and conditioning” program? “CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program in two distinct senses. First, we are a core strength and conditioning program in the sense that the fitness we develop is foundational to all other athletic...

Commitment to Evidence Based Fitness

” What we’ve discovered is that CrossFit increases work capacity across broad time and modal domains. This is a discovery of great import and has come to motivate our programming and refocus our efforts. This far-reaching increase in work capacity supports our initially...

Tabata Tuesday

Stellar performances from everyone today. I was glad to hear some realistically ambitious goals from the 6am & 5pm group. 4 O’clockers, I’ll look for your 3 December goals tomorrow. I am excited to see the progress over the next 30 days or so. If you’d like...

December 1, 2008 “Show Up,Don’t Quit” & “Set Goals”

It was a great November. We welcomed some new faces, had some fun guests and made a lot of progress. Special thanks to Brendan from the Yale Rowing team. He had terrific work capacity and often made it look easy (22min on the 21’s workout!) He offered some great tips for us...