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November 2008

Saturday -Lets Play Games

The Crossfit Games have become quite an event.Growing from a modest event to, Sponsors,and people traveling from everywhere in just 2 years. People hoping to compete are already training for the games in July 09. We don’t know what’s involved yet, but this year to...

Friday Squats and Pull-Ups

Way to push through on the Calgary WOD today…not an easy workout to say the least. Paul leaves for Hawaii this weekend-Bye Paul we will miss you. Have fun and keep hitting the WOD while you are gone. We’re looking forward to a shipment of Coffee!See you in a few...

Thursday- CrossFit Calgary WOD eh?

I hope you all enjoyed the first official installment in the “Evil Sensei Say” series- “Man Overboard-Core Torture” Gotta love Drew’s enthusiasm to push for a second round. Gotta respect Rita’s wisdom for stopping when she knew it was time to...

Wednesday- There’s Another Man Over Board, Let’s Torture His Core

Impressive work on Grace! Just getting close to prescribed weight for 30 is a feat in itself. Everyone was impressive- special shout to Mike who used 95lbs last time we saw “Grace,”Today he used 135lbs and beat his time from October when he used 95lbs! I hope you all...

Tuesday-Can You Say Grace?

Pretty memorable classes today. Great job today on the “Gary” WOD- those ring dips are killer. You guys are all giving your best and it is paying off! I’m proud of everyone for attacking each workout with your individual capacities for intensity, while, of...

It’s Monday- Meet Gary

Thank You, Drew Bolin, for the gorgeous new hand made sign! It looks perfect! I’m sure we are all chomping at the bit for another week of CrossFit. There is a rumor that chad will be there tomorrow…that is going to be fun to see, can you imagine a guy like him taking...

Saturday Fran!

Awesome work today everyone is getting sooo strong sooo quick! Be sure to thank Drew and Jane-they stayed late after class and cleaned up and put the plywood down under the pull-up structure. Drew also made some perfect cuts around the uprights for the rubber mats to lay down! It...

Push and Pull-Friday

Going heavy again. We get a chance to go for the deadlift and the press. I know everyone is going to give it their best shot.Here is a stack of photos I was able to up load- this should make up for the lack of pic’s lately. The Four O’Clock on Wednesday Aftermath How...

Growing Addiction

Wow! So much has happened in such a short time- we are blowing up and that’s a good thing for all of us. I am amazed at the energy we get when there is a full house at C3 I hope everyone’s having as much fun as I am. It’s probably not going to be to long before...

Wednesday November 5, 2008

I was thoroughly impressed with every one’s effort today- all of you are seeing dramatic increase in your capacities for power output at a consistently high level.My nickname, ‘Evil Sensei’, became official when Drew and Jane gave me the shirt that emblazons it...