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July 29, 2009

*Please note that there will not be morning classes Thursday Friday and Saturday this week. All other classes are business as usual.



Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press

CrossFit rarely asks for maxs. This workout does and expects that there is no “gaming” the workout. At Brand X I tell people I want to see you falling of the pull up bar. People whose score looks like:

Are going for a number and not a max. Test your limits today.

Big Dawgs:
As Rxd

Scale the weight on the bench press. Use a weight that you can get at least 6-8 reps with.
do as Rx’d and dial back the rounds to 3.

do 5 rounds of
max push ups
max pull ups or beginner pull ups

Do 3 rounds:
max push ups
max pull ups or beginner pull ups

Subs for Bench press:
dumbbells, push ups, elevated push ups
Subs for Pull ups:
Assisted Pull ups, Beginner Pull ups, Ring Pull ups, Ring Rows

*Jumping Pull ups should be subbed with caution as high numbers of these have been associated with Rhabdomyalisis.

Big thanks to Jeff and Nikki Martin from CrossFit Brand X for posting the scale for the WOD

More From Gary Taubes Its long and dry but the info is priceless.

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