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August 13, 2009



4 rounds

800 meter run or 1000m row

Rest as needed between efforts

(Heads Up-Friday WOD ‘Tabata Something Else’)

We sure have had some great people/athletes join us for the summer months. Chelsea, Chris, Collin, Nat, Will (Rich- but we can’t get rid of the guy) and they are all moving on to school and the like. I’m sure we will all miss having them at C3 and enjoyed what they brought to each workout they were present for. There was tremendous progress made by each of them and it really drove home how important the community is and how the sport of fitness is so enhanced when the athletes are trained properly and motivated by healthy competition.
All of their achievements and progress deserve commendation and recognition however Chris’s experience from May 1st to August 12 was the one that I have the best documentation on. Check this out.

Robb brought his sons and some of their friends to try their first CrossFit workout.

Just so happens that the workout was Murph-These guys couldn’t resist and the only one to finish the whole thing was Chris.

It was pretty epic-enough for Sam to write this comic strip about it. It says 1.”The new Guys At CrossFit” 2. There were 7 of them, one of them was Chris.” 3.”That day was Murph-the big boy of them all.” 4. “Chris did the whole Murph. Chris Puked. The end-of Chris.”

As we all know that was far from the end of Chris-in fact it was a pretty impressive beginning. Here we see him lining up for his second Murph. It has been just over 3 months. The last time he did it he had been training for wrestling and was by no means out of shape. Just finishing was tremendous. He did it in 1:10:57

Here we see Chris after his second bout with Murph-Chris Literally cut his time in half with a 35:04! By definition Chris is twice as fit as he was on May 1st and ready for anything. An awesome testimony to Chris’s hard work and the effectiveness of CrossFit!

Thank you all for joining us it was a pleasure having you and on behalf of the C3 community we hope you are all successful in meeting your goals and endeavors and we hope to see you again soon!

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  1. Nicole Reply

    That’s quite an accomplishment Chris, congrats!

    Best wishes to those of you who will be beginning or returning to other endeavors! You will be missed, keep in touch…


  2. sarah lee Reply

    It was such a great summer. We can’t wait to see you all when you come back for vacation. Stay in touch and keep us posted with all of your progress.

  3. Tim Gagne Reply

    A huge congratulations!
    Thanks for inspiring me with your courage to attack new challenges, with your die-hard attitude, and by showing just as much mental toughness as physical strength. All of that with a humble attitude – what a guy!

    It was great meeting and working out with all of you who were here for the summer. I wish you all the best and hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

  4. Tim Gagne Reply

    Sarah – you beat me by 2 minutes – good job! Ha!

  5. Richard Reply

    Chris, that is an awesome Time!!! Congrats! Next time it comes up, perhaps throw on the 20# vest???

    Thanks for the warm wishes guys! It has been an absolute pleasure meeting and training with everyone this summer. I will be around for the remainder of the month so I look forward to finishing the month on a high note with everyone!

    Thanks again!

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