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November 04, 2009

Tim Says Hello! Smile!




Nothing feels better after going heavy on the Deadlift than the active recovery class at 6:00pm!

Jon and the boys next to the root system of a fallen sequoia on their vacation to the west coast.

Having a bad day? Maybe the early darkness is bumming you out…sitting out east here wishing that you were in sunny Afghanistan or with loved ones next to a giant decaying tree in Northern California? Just visit this web site, and somehow things are just groovy again.

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  1. Jane Reply

    Nice to see your smiling face again Tim, oh wait, I’m supposed to smile:)

  2. SnapDragon007 Reply

    Hey my peoples :}

    I am settled in and I joined the gym today its a mile away so I run their its a good warm up. So I did Annie
    I got it in the 11’s but I did the deadlift before it. Then I ran home.
    Ya can you say throw up.
    Well I didnt but it was close.

    Miss you guys,


  3. Mark Lee Reply

    Hey Jeff we miss you brother! Glad your still getting your wods-be well!

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