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December 23, 2009



25 Burpees

15 Back Squats 50%of 1rm

25 Burpees

15 Back Squats 50%of 1rm

25 Burpees

15 Back Squats 50%0f 1rm

25 Burpees

1rm=1 rep max. So it is suggested that if you can squat 200lbs one time for your heaviest squat- you will use 100lbs for the WOD. Realistically you should be able to clean the weight from the ground and place it into position on your back without needing to use a squat rack although it is allowed.

Supplement Review

I thought that I would highlight Vitamin D. During summer months and other times of the year we don’t even need to give a second thought to Vitamin d because 15 minutes in the sun gives us our recommended daily allowance. This time of year though it may be necessary to supplement Vitamin D into our diet-especially if you don’t drink milk which has vitamin d added to it.
Cape Cod Nutrition Center sells a very tasty chewable that is only 9 bucks for 90 tablets. They are 1000 iu’s each and that is plenty because Vitamin D is ‘fat soluble’- a weird term that means you store what isn’t used.

The final word- deficiency in Vitamin D is associated with diseases such as rickets, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer. Even if not supplementing with D won’t lead to such extremes over the course of one winter symptoms may creep in over the long term and Vitamin D may offer some relief from winter blues as well. Pretty good for one little Vitamin!

Bryce, expresses rage toward the delivery truck that got our chalk order terribly wrong.

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    Nordic fish oil sells oil supplemented with D.

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