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December 29, 2009

We will miss you guys! Cant Wait til you all get back!

Left to right, Bobby S., Molly S.,Elise L, Shanna B., Bobby L., Heather W., Bryce B.




Deadlift 225/155
Ring Push Ups
Hanging Clean 135/95

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  1. Greg B. Reply

    I will miss that crazy group of people on the bars.

  2. Bill Reply

    Ummm… is that a beer on the floor? It’s like a giant eye magnet for me. I didn’t even realize there were people in this picture at first.

    -Bill (New Hampshire Satellite Basement Branch)

  3. Mark Lee Reply

    Before we know it they will all be back-but will they maintain their CrossFitness? Time Will Tell! Hopefully we get some pictures and e-mails.

    Basement Branch Brawlers-I’ve been hearing good things-keep it up! ANd yes indeed there was plenty of beer and wine!

  4. sarah lee Reply

    Don’t let Bill have a beer!

  5. Heather Reply

    Yes we will maintain our CrossFittness!!!

    I’ll send you pictures from the cert in February. 🙂

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