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February 05, 2010



From The Skill Sheet select a goal under the categories of:

1.The remaining Squat Category

2.Hanging core work

3. Optional Row 2k or 5k or if you missed it 500 meters.

Achieve your highest level in each category.

It is hard to get back into something if you have been away for a little while. If it is something that you know you love to do and it is good for you like CrossFit, please give serious consideration to shutting down the other thoughts that tell you how guilty you should feel or embarrassed or out of shape you are. Instead realize that if you haven’t been in for a little while we want to see you, so please just show up and have fun and we promise that you will be welcome warmly and that you will feel better for getting in and doing something really great for yourself and reconnecting with the community. Now is your moment.

T does some great planked Push Ups

Another eventful day, sorry in advance if I leave anything out:
T made it to the top of the rope! Then she gave me my first, but probably not last, experience catching someone coming off the rope climb! Nicole deadlifted 255 Ashley 235 and almost everyone Pr’d or hit their goal on the skill sheet. Amy S. did 50 Push Ups and not to be out done Nicole (Diesel) Stanley did 51! Kerry ran a 6:47 mile! Congratulations everyone for achieving great things today!

Don’t go Crazy! Take Fish Oil!

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  1. Jane Reply

    Awesome job everybody!

  2. T Reply

    Hey Mark,

    I just noticed the shadows you were talking about….”CrossFit Cape Cod” came out really well on the floor.

    Are you sure you are not a professional photographer?


    I was just happy that the shadows hid my face!!

  3. sarah lee Reply

    Hey Bushy. Thanks for timing us this morning. Also congrats on your 70 pound deadlift P.R.!

  4. sarah lee Reply

    Congratulations on your first pull-up T!

    Rob… it was really nice to work with you today. You did great!

  5. T Reply

    Thanks Sarah,

    It was a struggle but I got my chin over the bar…I’m excited.

    …now…I just need to quit..ya know…that other thing…:)

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