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February 07, 2010



Squat 3×5
Push Up 3×10 Weighted

AMRAP 8 Minutes
3 Deadlifts 70% of 1 rep max
6 Ring Dips
9 Knees to Elbows

From CrossFit Unlimited

There are two types of programming you will see. Either number of reps followed by a dash(ex. 3-3-3-3-3) or number of reps then number of sets(ex.3×5). So what’s the difference?

The first one, 3-3-3-3-3, is max effort reps. Each attempt should be a maximal effort. The numbers should not have a huge range. If your numbers look like this: 135-165-175-185-195, there’s a big difference. I know that 135 wasn’t nearly heavy enough if you hit 195 on your last attempt. If your numbers look something like this: 185-195-205(2)-195-205(1), you did it right.

The second one, 3×5, the weight should remain the same the entire time. I will always put the number of reps first and the number of sets second. So you would read this as 3 reps, 5 sets. This is different than other coaches but it doesn’t matter as long as we are all on the same page. If there is a percentage in front of the rep scheme, it is the percent of your one rep max for that movement. If there is no percent, it is up to you to figure out the weight.

Also From CrossFit Unlimited
December 04, 2009No Picture Today…Just This…

Hi Austin,

I wanted to let you know that I was involved in a car accident two days ago. My car is totaled but I am alright, just minor pains to shoulder and right arm. As the police officer on the scene noticed, my airbag didn’t deploy despite the fact that it was an impact at roughly 35/40mph (airbags deploy at 25mph). Probably a defective airbag. I was wearing sit belt but most of the impacts was absorbed by my arms on the steering wheel and my core which kept my body straight up, preventing it from hitting the steering wheel or the windshield.

I believe 8 months ago I couldn’t have absorbed that impact equally well and I would be much more seriously injured now. I think Crossfit saved me from a really bad situation, and despite a totaled car, I am left only with some sore abs (incredibly sore as they tighten up before the impact) and minor pains in my right arm.

As you say often, Crossfit prepares for the unforeseen and unforeseeable. This case proved you right.

Thank you Austin, and thank you Crossfit.

-Michele ‘IG’

PS: I hope to be back to the gym next week.

IG, I’m so glad you are okay. I do say that often and I also say I hope none of us are ever put in an “emergency” type situation. But it’s good to know if we are, that we are as prepared as we can be.

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