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February 09, 2010

Push Jerks 5×3 to clear up my mistake from yesterday-this means that we will do 5 set of 3 reps.

followed by


Power Clean @ 75% of body weight
Pull Ups

for time

Ever wonder what goes on at the 9am class? Me too so Sarah showed me this. Ashley hits a Pr for best Cruise ship dance/song leader and gets some back up singing from the other girls. If you need someone to spice up the flava at your Karaoke Jam, Wedding or Bar Mitzvah she is ready to take your call!

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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    Did you notice the awesome link to the awesome Endurance Cert coming to our awesome new location this awesome spring? I wish I could find the right word to describe it but it’s gonna be…AWESOME!

  2. sarah lee Reply

    O.K… It’s true. I bring a bottle of vodka to the 9 a.m… Don’t judge me. It makes everyone P.R… and dance!

  3. Nettie Reply

    Mark, are we allowed to take the (AWESOME) Endurance Cert if we haven’t taken Level 1? Not sure how that works.

    I need to quit my day job so I can join the 9AM class!

  4. Jane Reply

    I wanna join the 9AM clasa! I want vodka too:P Ashley, great dance moves!!
    Mark, very excited about the AWESOME new location, and all that means for C3!

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    Nettie-no the level 1 is not a prerequisite.

  6. mcgrail Reply

    Registered for endurance cert…this should be awesome!

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