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February 23, 2010



Deadlift 5 rep max – absolutely no rounding.

Followed by…

Complete 10 rounds:
Row for 1 minute, rest for 1 minute.
*Row for 1 minute as many meters as you can, rest one minute.
*Continue this cycle for a total of 20 minutes.
*Your score is the total amount of meters rowed – goal is row at least 3000 meters for guys 2200 for gals
*Penalty is push up burpee for every 5 meters under 3000/2200 meters.

This can be done in pairs.

Frantastic time today- great work to all and congrats basement Bill on your first muscle up!

Starting March 1st I invite everyone to join the no sugar challenge. For the entire month you’ll make it your goal to not eat any refined sugars. That does not include fruit. As paradoxical as this sounds the reward will be joining us for a trip to Twin Acres Ice Cream on Rte 6A for ice cream sundaes on Saturdy April 3rd after the WOD. I know it dose not make perfect sense but 1. It will make it easier to cut out sugar knowing that you are doing it as a group 2. You can hold out for when you totally deserve it ( your just deserts ) and 3. It’s just fun to go for ice cream.

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  1. Tom Reply

    I’m in for the sugar challenge.

  2. Bill Reply

    The Basement Branch wishes to extend our “thanks” and “best wishes” to all. We had an excellent time and it was great to meet everyone. We sincerely wish we could actually attend classes, but Mark is selfish and won’t move near us.

    Many thanks to all for the pointers and advice especially concerning the muscle up, which believe me – was 50% luck – and 50% not understanding I shouldn’t be able to do one yet 😉

    But it’s all put quickly into perspective when you excitedly tell your 18 year daughter what you accomplished and she says “Wow… that’s, ummm, great. I guess…” (sound of bubble bursting… ego deflating… sigh)

    Mark – as always, thanks so much for all bud. Butterflies are next…

  3. Greg Reply

    Toughest WOD yet in my short C3 career. Thanks for the push, John.

    I’m joining Bushy for the sugar challenge. The recently acquired Girl Scout Thin Mints will just have to wait until April.

  4. Littles Reply

    I’m so glad I got my fried clams and Ben&Jerrys fix taken care of.
    I’m in for the no sugar challenge.

  5. T Reply

    Bill…it was nice meeting both of you as well….enjoy the basement…and come down more often!

    Gotta leave it to kids and Cross-fit to put things in their proper perspective……Cheers!

  6. loo Reply

    Count me in for the no sugar challenge. I’ll even do it while I’m out on a boat! (ha- should be significantly easier then). Too bad I won’t be there to join you on April 3 though. I’ll just have to go when I return home.

  7. Nicole S. Reply

    I would love to accept the threatening no sugar challenge…I have a feeling I’ll be doing burpees on the Beach in the Dominican…I’ll just be a crazy American doing crazy CF activities on the beach. Coconut toss, death by 10 meter Palm tree to Palm tree sprints, Tabata shark tag….

    Oh, Tom that is a “NO” sugar challenge…just making sure you understand the challenge

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