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March 01, 2010

There are warning signs for high blood sugar. The diagram below shows some of the common side effects that occur when experiencing hyperglycemia.

From the Diabetes Care Group

Day 1 of the no sugar challenge. Restating the criteria- each serving of sugar you consume during the challenge constitutes 20 burpees as the warm up for Monday (or Tues. if you don’t workout Monday) For example if you have 5 candy bars Friday night and 5 Gin and Tonics (Tonic has a lot of sugar) then you owe 200 burpees on Monday.
The only sugar that is exempt is Fruit, maple syrup, honey, agave, or things like these that don’t have sugar added.

Please let us know throughout the month what helps you make it through the month sugar free by posting to the comments.



15 Clean and Jerks
3 Column Shuttle Run
10 Clean and Jerks
2 Column Shuttle Run
5 Clean and Jerks
1 Sprint to from third column to the wall

The clean and jerks will be performed on the mats. If you can do “Grace” in sub 4 use 155 otherwise scale down to a realistic weight. The center columns will be used for suicide sprints aka shuttle runs. The runs will go in longest to shortest order instead of the usual shortest to longest typical of a suicide sprint. The clock stops when you reach the far wall in the last sprint.

A Real Food Fight

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  1. Tom Reply

    shuttle runs – sweet. i’ll keep my thoughts to myself from now on when i find a wod to “boring”

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Bushy -we are going to hold you down and make you eat sugar then demand that you do 20 burpees per serving as a penalty.

  3. Littles Reply

    I’m glad you specified “per serving” because I told Sarah that a pint of ice cream would be worth 20 burpees….make that 80/no.

  4. loo Reply

    I am a big fan of shuttle runs! But you know what would have made this WOD even better?
    6 rounds: 5 C&J, full shuttle run each time

    And it’s not just because I like running! Jon, Dad and I all agree.

  5. Greg Reply

    Hey Mark/Sarah,
    Can you repost the “food fight” link to the article (it’s not working) or let us know which article it is on fitnessspotlight.com

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