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June 03, 2010



Run 400
30 Toes To Bar
21 Box Jumps
40 Knees To Elbows
21 Box Jumps
50 Sit Ups
21 Box Jumps
Run 400

Triangle CF Asks Why Not

Now if you are paying attention and read the link you are in a good mood. Write one nice thing about a member of C3 in the comments. Lets hear what you have to say.

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    Matt Reid inspires me. He always shows up with a nice smile and a humble attitude. He works hard and his progress is really starting to show. A few months ago he couldn’t do any pull-ups and yesterday did around 70 strict during Cindy. Way to go Matt. I’m glad you are part of the C3 Family.

  2. Nettie Reply

    Mark and Sarah inspire me – they’re always there (well, except for the time(s) Mark doesn’t make it to the 6:30 🙂 … they are there with a smile and encouragement even though there must be some days when they just don’t feel like being at C3. You two are the best – thanks!

  3. Kristin Reply

    I am inspired by all of the members of my CrossFit family, each for a different reason! But right now I am particularly inspired by my good friend Erin Meagher! Her progress has been just amazing…so amazing in fact, she’s starting to beat me in wods…which is an unfortunate side effect!! I also want to mention Mark, Sarah and Nicole who have all been both inspiring and incredibly supportive… Luv you guys (can’t help but get a little mushy)!

  4. Greg Reply

    Late last year Nett said, “Greg, I think you’ll really like this gym. It’s really cool.” I was the heaviest, most out of shape I had ever been in my life and was ready for inspiration.

    I’m inspired by the change it brings to people. Kristen, Big Dave, Nett, Greg B, Erin, Drew, Heather, Nicole, the list goes on and on.

    Cheering at the end of a grueling workout. Nowhere else does that happen. Nowhere.

    I’m hooked.

  5. ErinM Reply

    Everyone has been amazing since I joined this past January. So grateful for and inspired by my friend Kristin. We have been working out together for years, and I know we both feel like we have found the missing piece. Thanks to mark, Sarah, and Nicole for their support and encouragement! Also someone who makes me feel welcome every time I walk in is Drew! And lastly thank you to all the girls who have inspired me to spend money I do not have at lululemon in hopes my butt will look just a little bit smaller! Thanks girls!

  6. Tom Reply

    during the grueling cape relay, the watka family opened their home to myself and 4 perfect sweaty strangers for 4 hours. they offered food, beds, and a big screen tv. it was like we had been there a hundred times before.

    i see the way they offer positive support for those struggling with workouts, and the way they lead by example in challenging themselves everytime at CF, and in Lauren’s case at the relay.

    it’s very easy for people, in a competitive situation, to critique and even criticize those who are in the field – but for the watkas, and lauren especialy, i truly believe cheering and supporting (teammates AND competitors) comes naturally.

    the watka family inspires me.

  7. Greg B. Reply

    There have been days when many different fellow CrossFitters have inspired me and pushed me, each at a different time and in a different way.
    One individual that I really look up to is Mike McGrail. Mike is driven, he sets goals and does not stop until me meets them. I have never heard Mike be negative or quit, and he is never too busy to stop and offer help and advice.

  8. Drew Reply

    My first thought was Mark, when i know you did the 6:30 Am class and then are there at the box when the 5:30 class ends, answering questions and still in a good mood, then at home i am waiting for the blog to be posted and i see it gets posted at Midnight(because i can’t go to bed till i know the WOD), i begin to realize how many sacrifices you make to keep me fit. In the big picture CrossFit has changed my life, when you look closer though, it was you and Sarah. I could never thank you enough.

  9. Drew Reply

    I know this might sound self-serving and cheesy(two of my dominant personality traits) but the way Jane fought through 16 months of not being able to use her lower body because of the shin splints and her still coming to CrossFit, doing her own upper body workouts and having to push herself inspired me every day. I KNOW i would not have had the inner strength to fight through the frustration and pain and emerge far stronger on the other side like she has. Running with her for the first time last week was one of my greatest CrossFit memories so far. She is NINJA JANE.

  10. Littles Reply

    Ninja Jane is amazing, she never complained, she did a lot of her own workouts and always shows up with a smile on her face.
    Truly inspiring Jane!!

    Mark thanks for following your dream out of your basement and taking a risk. Sarah, your support of that dream and becoming part of it made all of this possible. The fact that you guys give so much of yourselves to each and every one of us at least 6 hours a day is so generous of spirit.

  11. Jane Reply

    Sarah, I want to thank you for inviting me to check out crossfit that day in september almost 2 years ago, and for being so patient with Drew and I as we struggled to change our eating habits. You have always been available, and I really and truly appreciate that.

    Drew, Mark, and Tim, thank you for taking the time to make up work outs for me so that I could continue doing crossfit despite the shin splints that wouldn’t heal:) I know that without that help I couldn’t have been able to keep going. Thank you all.

  12. mcgrail Reply

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  13. mcgrail Reply

    There is just no way to say a nice thing about one person…It starts with Mark and Sarah, you are building one heck of a community.

    On a daily basis there is someone @ C3 I should thank for helping get me through a workout, or someone that helps push me & want to be better.
    Here are just a few:

    Mark – words cannot express my gratitude for showing me the answer!
    Sarah – sharing it with my next generation!
    Heather – “Murph”
    Greg B. – 5k in New Seabury; & Tabata Something Else, yesterday!
    Dan, Kyle, EZ, Trevor – daily
    Nettie & Heather (again) Cheering me on Heartbreak Hill – so good to see you – always!
    Amy S. – 100m sprints 10x with min recovery; donation of active recovery proceeds
    Ben – old location; you borrowed some clothes to do a workout – my pants have never run so fast!
    Littles – kicking the living crap out of every wod and still smiling!
    Nicole S. – 6 round AMRAP pullups, wallballs – round for round!
    Tim – my first double under & you making your dream come true! – congrats on BayState CF!
    T – her determination to push through
    Jon – always asking what time we gonna do this in?
    Kristin – your transformation!
    Nicole – always doing a “finisher” – and working on technique – also congrats on BSCF!
    Drew & Jane – the determination with which you tackle each WOD (and for non-paleo tailgating cuisine)
    Tom & Traci – making time for family,life and for working out!
    Matt Reid – always positive
    Robb – 10k in Mashpee – you came back to run with Sarah and Nicole
    Ann – you never give up
    Michael L – Going Heavy with everything…and for bringing Shelly (and Lauren) to the community.
    Kristin A. – getting after it!
    Erin – Even on a Saturday!
    Ken – always look happy to be there…
    Leah – Filthy 50 today?!?
    Kerry – 800m and Situps – wish it had only gone two rounds;)
    Dave – your personal strength; crossing into this parking lot and moving forward!
    Greg W. – sharing your amazing family with us, and knowing that you are there at 6:30 AM even though I am not!
    Katie & Lizzie – sibling “rivalry” at it’s most positive!

    This place would not be the same without any of you…Thanks for making it great! If your name is not on this list it does not mean you did not inspire or help me push through…I blame it on my oxygen starved brain after yesterday’s WOD. Thank you all!

  14. Esherman Reply

    C3 has changed my life! I love you guys, I love the workouts, I love how CF makes me feel stronger and happier. I look forward to walking into the gym every day! Thanks for all you do Mark and Sarah!

  15. Littles Reply

    Mcgrail, thank you for always being excited about Crossfit knowledge and so willing to share it! You helped changed my deadlift and I am SO grateful, I love your coaching and how you’re always helping me push through the end of every workout(because you finish so fast and have fully recovered by the time I’m done:) THANKS!

  16. Littles Reply

    This is a Crossfit lovefest. YES.

  17. sarah lee Reply

    I don’t know how many of you know this about me- I don’t cry easily… I almost just cried… We love you guys.

  18. Littles Reply

    I happen to know that about you Sarah, and you know that tears do come easier to me so imagine the snotfest on the keyboard:)

  19. Esherman Reply

    Yay for C3 snot fests!

  20. Esherman Reply

    OH, and major shout out to new mama Shelly! Damn girl…you’re amazing! Lauren is a lucky girl.

  21. Mark Lee Reply

    Seriously? I don’t even like you poeple!

    Joking of course- I am truly touched by what everyone wrote-it has been a pleasure and honor to be part of everyones stories and journeys. I really feel blessed.

  22. Kristen/Ken Reply

    Aside from Mark and Sarah turning the “can’t” into a “can!” The rest of the community is so supportive and positive that when your body is screaming “no!” somehow your mind can pull of the yes; the best example I have is when Mike McGrail ran my last few sprints with me when I wanted to quit.Thanks to all of you that have shown me I could do things I thought I couldn’t.xoxo

  23. MattR Reply

    I am grateful to Mark & Sarah for creating such a magical place. I have more or less destroyed almost every joint in my body over the past twenty years and I had just about given up completely on my ability to get back in shape when Kristin encouraged me to try C3 back in February. Can’t tell ya how thankful I am for that push Kristin.

    Just a few months have passed and I’m hooked. I haven’t figured out how to heal the joints, but now I’m stronger and faster and more hopeful than I’ve been in a long, long time & I realize that almost anything is possible. Somehow there is a little life starting to spark back into some of my angry old joints.

    Mark has told me more than once that it is not uncommon to get significant results with crossfit but it can be uncommon for people to find the willingness to work hard enough to achieve them. The thing about C3 is everywhere you look there are friendly, helpful, selfless people demonstrating this uncommon drive and enthusiasm. It is incredibly infectious and motivating.

    Thanks to everyone at C3 & I mean everyone. You have all created a unique community and I feel lucky to be a small part of it.

  24. Amy Reply

    This is so cool to read-even if I can only put faces to a few of the names. As I am only a visitor when I come home to the Cape (Nett’s sister by the way), I LOVE coming to C3. I learn so much when I’m there, and am always inspired my Mark and Sarah-each time I’ve come, I’ve gotten to “move up” to the next facility!
    I work out at my house with 9 (depending on the day) of my nieghbors….Crossfit inspires me, because Crossfit would be nothing without the hard working, non complaining, kick assing people that do it. Thanks Crossfit!! See you guys in the summer!!!!

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