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June 04, 2010




150 Wall Ball Shots For Time
Guys Use 20lb ball to a 10 ft target Ladies use 14lb Ball to an 8ft target

Khalipa vs Karen wmv mov

Because of the CrossFit Endurance Certification Saturday and Sunday We will have classes at 12:00 sharp both days-if you can show up a little early and warm up and then start as soon as the cert breaks for lunch that would be ideal.

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  1. Jane Reply

    After the emotional “snotfest” of yesterday, looks like we’re all speechless:) I have to say, I’m dreading Karen, my hips are sore from yesterday, and she’s just gonna kill me! Oh well, I have to attack my weaknesses I guess:)

  2. Esherman Reply

    Oh lord, this workout looks INSANE. Alas, I will forge through–tomorrow though. Today I rest my weak and tired body 🙂

  3. Mike L Reply

    Just wanted to get a few words in about the post the other day. I got to thinking about how much crossfit has changed my life. For one, I will NEVER join another traditional gym again. If you asked me that 3 years ago I would have told you you were on drugs. The last 2+ years have been a real challenge as well as a mountain of achievements I never thought possible. To Mark and Sarah. Words are not enough to express how generous you have been to me and my family. To everyone at C-3, YOU ROCK! More goals, more achievements,and, more good times. Thanks to you all.

  4. Drew Reply

    My first month of CrossFit I did Karen, 30 shots with 14lb ball, got too heavy and then switched to 10lb ball for last 120.. my time 23:44. I did karen today, 20lb ball…11:35. 573 days later…the results speak for themselves.

    I love CrossFit and our family of kind, determined and motivating athletes.

  5. sarah lee Reply

    Mike… you have a beautiful family and we are honored you share little Lauren with us. She brightens everyones day. We know she is going to be an awesome little Crossfitter soon.

    Drew… That is AWESOME!

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