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June 14, 2010

Nicole and Sarah for their first official butterfly kips.



In any order with adequate recovery between events…Run 1 Mile for time. Row 2k For time.

2010 CrrossFit Games Sectional/Regional Highlights wmv mov

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  1. Chris N Reply

    Mark and Sarah this new website layout looks AWESOME!!! Nice work!!!

  2. Nicole Reply

    I agree with Chris, love the new blog layout! It looks crisp and clean. Oh, and the photo of the day isn’t too bad either;)

  3. Tom Reply


  4. Littles Reply

    Great job Sarah and Nicole!

  5. mcgrail Reply

    kudos on the new layout!

  6. Tim Reply


  7. Tim Reply

    Love your new look Mark. The look of the blog that is. Well, you in some LuLu shorts too!

    Great job Nicole and Sarah!

  8. Jane Reply

    Sweet new layout Mark, I love the colors!

  9. Mark Lee Reply

    Thanks everyone! (Hi Chris N!)
    It was surprisingly easy-I am always nervous to make changes but most of the time it turns out to be progress in disguise!

  10. Mark Lee Reply

    PS Tim you had me laughing- I think that between the Lulu shorts and the Murse it’s time to check myself!

  11. Esherman Reply

    C3 I miss you guys! The blog looks great! I’m gone til next Monday. But I think today I’m going to mosey on over to CF Chicago and see about getting my butt kicked by some mid-westerners! Love the new blog layout!

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