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July 09, 2010



Team WOD

Teams Of 2 Complete 100 Thrusters For Time
Teams Of 3 Complete 150 Thrusters For Time
1 Team Member Does Thrusters At A Time The Other Team Members Do Burpees.
At The End Of The WOD Subtract 5 Seconds From Your Finishing Time For Every Burpee Completed
The Person Doing The Thrusters Can Rest Holding The Bar But Cannot Put It Down-If They set The Bar Down They Have To Switch Out And Do Burpees While Another Team Member Does The Thrusters Until They Drop The Bar.
Males Weight 95
Females Weight 65

Thank You, Mike McGrail, for sending me this video. He also did the math for us that is mentioned in the video as kilos of sugar:

“for the metric conversion of kg to tablespoons…I converted annual to daily and then into tablespoons consumption was .56 tablespoons of sugar a day…it is now 14 tablespoons.”

Very Familiar if you attended the Nutrition Lecture a couple of Mondays ago!

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    I just need to make sure drew will be there to do my burpee math after I try to do all those 65 pound thrusters! Yikes!

  2. Littles Reply

    I want to contact cutthecarb and ask “are peonies and roses low in starch, or is it just lilacs that are high in sugar?”
    Flower killed me.
    Seriously though, thanks Mike for the info.

  3. MattR Reply

    cool video mike…more i see it, the more the logic is sinking in…cheers

  4. Drew Reply

    Can i have Rich and Adam cause when Jane saw the workout this morning she called Kyle and Sean.

  5. Kristin Reply

    Nope Drew, but you can have me (please contain your excitement)…but only if you’ll wait till Sat at 1pm cuz I can’t make it today…and I REALLY love the team wods 🙁

    AND I’m dying to know if ya got me in yesterdays wod which I’m thinking is a very good possibility…although I can seriously rock some single unders!

  6. Drew Reply

    I am going to the vineyard tomorrow so sorry can’t work out with you would have loved to. AND…. i think you got me yesterday, i had a 12:46 so congratulations.

  7. John Reply

    Hey Cape Cod, thanks so much for letting me, Mike, and Caitlin work out with you guys. You have an awesome gym! And thanks for the wod!

    Heather, great job on those thrusters!

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