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August 30, 2010

James “OPT” Fitzgerald CF Games Champion 2007



Randomly select each movement from a hat and go in the order you choose each movement out of the hat. (If you can do this at home feel free) Everyone will likely have a different order.


135# power clean x 10 reps
30″ box jumps x 25 reps
10 muscle ups
Row 400 m (10)
25 GHD Raises
50 double unders
25 toes to bar
20 wall balls – 20# to 10ft
15 DB split jerk – 30#/h

toes to bar – hanging from bar, touch toes to bar with minimal arm bend, bend at hips only, you cannot touch down to reset unless fractioning; full extension of knees at top of power clean and box jumps, body perpendicular with floor at top of GHD Raises (NOT sit ups), damper 10 on rower, arms come to full extension at bottom and top of muscle ups

We last did this one April 27th Choose a new order or compare to last time.
If you ever want to find a WOD we did in the past use the search feature on the middle left of the blog.


Please note that there will be some changes to our Schedule in September- please inform Sarah of the time that you attend classes-this data will help us with the Final Schedule.

Starting next Tuesday the Tuesday classes will be open class from 3-6pm. This will be like the open gym on Saturday but there will be a WOD.

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