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October 13, 2010

Sorry that you had to make the blog like this Gabe…
At least he finished the set. Gabe discovered as have hundreds of other people, myself included that it is very easy to rip your boxers or pants wide open when squatting, lunging, swinging the kettle bell or similar exercises. We all get a good laugh It’s funny once but if it happens to you very often people will start to think you are doing it intentionally and they wont talk to you. So here is how to prevent that by having the right gear.

Owning/Bringing the right gear to your class.

Wear flexible shorts,pants, or underwear. See Picture.

Long Socks- especially if you tend to scrape your legs on the bar.

Invest in the right shoes. Something that gives you stability and allows you to run outside. Chuck Taylors, Nike Free, Nike Zoom, Indoor Soccer Shoes, Inov8 F-Lites, Vibram 5 Fingers, Skate Shoes-all these tend to work well for the sport of fitness.

Sweat Wicking Shirts For Guys, Tanks or sweatwicking Sirts for the ladies. You will be more comfortable during and after your WOD. These Fabrics also tend to clean easier than cotton.

Shin Guards. If you have ever been chewed on by the rope during a climb-shin guards are a great way to prevent that.

Post Workout Food. Some Powdered Protein in a shaker with water or whatever you find works best for you will help you to recover faster and not be as sore. This is especially useful after more taxing WODs when you need to refuel sooner. On those days a piece of fruit like a banana will be a good idea.

A Water Bottle. Probably one of, if not the most important items on the list. Staying hydrated will make a big difference in performance and how you feel throughout the day.

Optional gear. Tape, Weight belt, Chalk, Lifting Shoes, Deodorant, a Jump rope. Your Own Music Mix That You Can Force Everyone To Workout To. Gloves, Straps, Wraps, any Brace you may use…

There you have it-so pack your bags and you will have all the gear you need! If you think of anything else please feel free to post it in the comments.


AMRAP 20 Minutes

5 Deadlifts 225/155
7 Pull Ups
9 Box Jumps Lg./Med.

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  1. Bill Reply

    What color socks oh sensei of pain? 😉

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Red to hide the blood!

  3. jjohns Reply

    And brown shorts to hide the rest!

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