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October 20, 2010



30 BW Back Squats

Run 1 Mi.

For Time

Shawn was telling me a story today about a gym he visited that had a ‘lunk alarm.’ A literal alarm would sound if someone dropped weights or grunted too loud! I get on peoples case for just the opposite and we certainly don’t want it to be silent and everyone doing their own thing with their headphones on at our facility! I love CrossFit for the great WODs but more importantly the community. Thank you to all of you grunting weight-dropping lunks! You make CrossFit Cape Cod a fun place to workout!

Observe what happens when you are not a lunk…

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  1. Heather Reply

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I just watched that video and am now laughing out loud by myself in my room. Oh. my. gosh. That is hilarious.

    I love C3!!! I’m glad that we will NEVER work out like that ((although, at times we may look just as silly!))

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