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November 07, 2010




For Time

100 Pull Ups
100 Push Ups
100 Sit Ups
100 Squats

Each Rep Must Be Full Range Of Motion To Count.

35 Minute Time Cap, so scale appropriately on each movement. Don’t be the person that doesn’t respect the time limit and stubbornly takes an hour. This is realistically a 10-20 minute workout if it is done right. For example if pull ups aren’t there for you do 1/2. Then 1/2 on the push ups. Do 100 on the Sit ups and 100 on the squats. You will still get a good workout.

The Beast of the East Competition was nothing short of amazing. There were a lot of inspiring moments throughout the day. Shawn and Kyle poured their hearts out and we were really proud of them. The WODS were:




5 Rounds For Time
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Cleans
6 Push Jerks

Time Limit 12 Minutes

I remember when were at Niccolettas Way and I did this WOD for the first time. I knew 155 was going to get ugly and decided to scale it to 135. Kyle went out BLAZING and finished the first round in less than 50 seconds. He learned a hard lesson in pacing though and came 4 reps shy of finishing before the cut off. Shawn doesn’t weigh much more than the Rx’d weight and put everything he had into managing the big load. I was actually a little emotional watching how hard he worked and we hugged when he finished. Both guys had there families there to support them and it was awesome to see how bad everyone wanted them to succeed. I think there is some kind of important network like that behind all great athletes.
The event coordinators predicted that about 40% of the athletes would not finish in the 12 minutes, the last I heard less than 1/2 actually finished. The lowest ranked athletes went first and the highest athletes went last for the next WOD.

Beast Of The East WOD 2
1 Round For Time For Time
Row 500
Run 400

Shawn was the first one off the rower in his heat with a PR on the 500 and grabbed 5th in that group. Kyle was middle of the pack off the rower and made up some time on the run in his heat. They both finished well on the workout. They had to face at least one more WOD before there were eliminations and only the top 48 would move on.

Beast Of The East WOD 3
AMRAP 6 Minutes
10 Thrusters
40 Double Unders

I have to say I was really proud of Shawn thinking about the fact that it was about a month ago that he learned how to do double unders and pointed it out to all the people around me as we watched him string together all 40 in his first round. He really fought with everything he had just like he does day in and day out at C3 but for Shawn the Beast of the East came to a bitter sweet end. When I heard this workout announced I knew Kyle would do great and he got over 4 rounds and earned a spot in WOD 4.

Beast of the East WOD 4

Run 700
30 Pull Ups
Run 200
60 Box Jumps 24/20 feet all the way on the box.
Run 200
30 Pull Ups
Run 700

20 Minute Time Cap

The 700 was a steep hill. Much steeper than the one we run. I was a marshall on the run course and some of these guys looked like they were hurting. (I remembered why I didn’t train for this at that point) Only 8 of the 48 men would advance to the final round. Kyle gave everything he could and was exhausted after all was said and done. He made it through 4 WODs and at the end of the day walked away glad that he put in his best effort. Both guys came away, sore, smiling and more experienced. I think I can say for our whole community we are proud to have you represent C3 and congratulations on a great competition.

WOD 5 was a format I haven’t seen before. I loved the concept: Each athlete had 1 minute to complete a couplet of 8 reps each. There were 3 couplets and after each minute if the athlete was keeping up with the clock they would go again. The Workout was called last man standing because the last person left wins. Only one guy made it to the second round. The girls were another story. There were 3 competitors that hung in. Eventually after 5 or 6 rounds one girl remained and scored first on the WOD.

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    Well done Shawn and Kyle…you two did C3 proud!

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    Shawn and Kyle, so glad I got to watch you compete, very inspiring! You did amazing!

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