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November 12, 2010



Front Squat


Back Squat
20 reps with highest load from front squat.

This is a list of people so far who have signed up for the paleo challenge. Please put your name in the comments or e-mail me if you want to participate but your name isn’t on the list.






Greg W

Greg B

Ken A

Kristin A








19 so far…

 If by 11:11 pm tonight we have 25 participants I will shave my moustache in the morning. Now is your chance if you A. are naturally repulsed by it and B. are sitting on the fence about the paleo challenge.

The cost will be 40 dollars per individual for the whole 90 days. When we have a final number of paying participants we will announce the prizes for the 1st second and third place finishers.

The contest will be done by a simple point system. Each day you will be given a certain number of points. If you ‘eat paleo’ according to the guidelines of the competition (to be announced) you will keep your points for the day. If you workout you will be given additional points. After the first 21 days things become habit- therefore anyone who goes 21 days straight without deviating according to the standard will be awarded bonus points. Of course if you eat ‘non paleo’ foods points will be deducted. At the end of the 90 days the participants with the most points win prizes.
If you honestly give this your best shot you will be amazed at the progress. You can expect better health, lower body fat, stronger performance and a better state of mind.

Our feature resource for help with nutrition today is http://www.marksdailyapple.com/ There are recipes featured on the middle right of the page, and you can sign up for his newsletter and receive an e-book of reader created recipes. 

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  1. sarah lee Reply


  2. ErinM Reply

    I’m sorry, but do you realize it’s 2010???

  3. Tom Reply

    i was going to join, but not if my participation has anything to do with moustachicide of any kind. if sacrificing my health and nutrition will save one moustache, i can sleep soundly . . .

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    ggod catch Erin-we cant stop laughing. At least nobody saw that!

  5. sarah lee Reply

    Hahahahahahahahaha! I’ve been laughing for about 5
    minutes straight Erin. Thanks. I have tears in my eyes and my stomach hurts!

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    Mike and Shelly just signed up…4 more…

  7. ErinM Reply

    Too funny:) it did take me a few minutes to think about what year it actually was!!!

  8. MattR Reply

    i’m in…sarah, i sincerely hope we get to 25, i can only imagine the daily terror you are subjected to from the evil stache..

    matt reid

  9. Drew Reply

    come on people sign up! i want evil sensei back and seventies cop sensei to be banished forever!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous Reply

    I would encourage everyone to do the challenge. I’m finishing my 90 day challenge on 11/20. I’ve had measurable strength and endurance improvements. I’ve also Pr’d most WOD’s. It’s not difficult to eat Paleo it just takes extra meal planning and preparation. Good Luck to you all especially over the holidays!

  11. Dana Reply

    anonymous is Dana!

  12. Mark Lee Reply

    Mike and Shelly, Matt Reid, and Katherine all signed up last night making it 24. I thought that we were one short…then I remembered a conversation at starbucks with one Nicole Stanley aka Diesel Diva. She told me she was in and couldn’t wait and encouraged me to start it as soon as possible. Therefore it would appear that as of last night there were indeed 25 people on board. Nicole also called my moustache ‘cheesy.’ It was fun while it lasted! as of this morning we have 27 total adding Dave and Katie B.

  13. Nettie Reply

    Sarah must be very happy 🙂

  14. amanda Reply

    Is there such thing as a vegetarian Paleo diet? If so I’m in!:)

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