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November 15, 2010

90 Day Paleo Challenge begins in just 18 days! We are going to have a throwdown in February! More details coming soon.




5 Rounds For Time

12 Deadlifts
9 Hanging Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

level 4 155/105
level 3 135/95
level 2 115/85
level 1 95/65

The following was sent to Ben Bergeron, owner of CrossFit New England from a member, Eugene, and I thought it fitting in light of the paleo challenge we are holding.


I’ve been meaning to send this note for a while, but now that another Paleo challenge is starting, I figured it was a good time to finally do it. Having just finished my 14th month at Crossfit, it really has been an amazing and life-changing experience. Many thanks obviously to Ben and the coaches number 1…you guys are truly the best. I just hope to be able to keep all this up. But I thought I’d also share some things I’ve learned firsthand over the last year for those people who are starting where I started. So here goes.
1. Crossfit CAN improve your overall health. Just got back from my physical from my doctor, and he was truly shocked at the change over just one year. In addition to losing over 50 lbs, all my other health metrics were dramatically improved. Blood pressure went from 128/90 to 108/76 and resting heartrate went from 56 to 42. But more importantly, he was amazed at the change in my cholesterol levels. Overall cholesterol went from 190 to 165, HDL went from 43 to 80 and LDL went from 127 to 75. He said it was the most impressive change he had ever seen.

2. If you want to lose weight, Crossfit needs to be combined with a change in diet (like the Paleo Diet). For my first two months at Crossfit, I certainly did get more fit (albeit off a low base). But I remember talking to Pete S. and Joe about being frustrated at my lack of more noticeable progress on the weight front. They said it would take time, but also said that changing the diet was critical. When I started the first Paleo challenge in September 2009, it only took a month before the weight really started to come off. And so far it’s been great…still losing weight although on a slower pace. But I can’t stress enough how important the diet is to overall healthy living and losing weight (if that’s your goal), or just getting leaner. And losing weight does help out in the workouts!

3. Any change is gradual…you just need to be patient. I’ve seen so many people get frustrated with how long it takes to lose weight or get fitter. But I’ve noticed that you just need to be patient. If you come to the gym and follow the diet, results WILL come. I’ve also noticed that many of my changes came in step functions. For instance, I would lose 5 lbs, then stabilize. Then another 10 lbs and stabilize again. I felt like it was my body adjusting to the new weight, saying “hey, this feels pretty good”, then deciding it’s time to resume the march down. Same with fitness. You go from no pullups, to 1, to 6, to 12 to 20+. Being patient, not giving up and keeping up with the workouts and diet is critical.

From CrossFit New England

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    Kristin-me to!

    Everyone join us Tuesday at 6pm for active recovery with Amy S. Why? Because you need to be more flexable and it feels awesome!

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    Looking forward to some Active Recovery!!! Can’t wait to see everyone:)

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