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November 19, 2010



Power Snatch

Warm Up To Your 1 Rep Max Complete 1 Rep On The Minute For 12 Minutes Staying As Close To Your 1 Rep Max As Possible-You May Raise Or Decrease The Weight As Needed.

Followed By

3 Rounds Rest As Needed Between Rounds
3 Rope Climbs
Max Push Ups

For a sub on the rope climb do 12 pull ups or 12 ring rows per climb.

Only 12 Days Until The 90 Day Paleo Challenge!

We are really excited about the 90 day challenge and can’t wait to see the gains people experience in performance, how they feel and of course improved body composition!

So without further adu here are the preliminary rules to the competition! Drum Roll Please!

The scoring is as follows.

5 Points-You stayed exclusively within the parameters. Kind of like you did your food WOD Rx’d. All paleo- Protein, Veggies, Some Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, Etc

This IS like a WOD that everyone CAN do Rx’d. Should you decide to ‘scale’ the score will be affected as follows.

4 Points- I had a taste of something ‘non paleo.’ So for example those 3 pepridge farm goldfish the kids left between the couch cushions proved too tempting and you wolfed them down hoping no one noticed.

3 Points- Ok, you knew you shouldn’t but you had to have A beer or the chicken wings were breaded. OR, not and, or, you went to the movies and had a small popcorn. OR, you had a normal sized bag, not the party sized bag of M&M’s BUT the rest of your day was right on track.

0 Points- Plain and simple you had more than a slip,You went to the movies and got the popcorn soda and candy. Maybe it was the Pizza that got you. Maybe it was the 6 pack. Maybe it started as the 3 goldfish in the cushions but you put your head down to sob and lament the loss of the point and realized there was a spaghetti dinner and a bottle of wine in there as well and you threw in the towel. Either way no matter how you try to justify it the wheels came off and you just didn’t make it that day.

The Odd Numbers- We are allowing 1 glass of red wine OR 1 shot of hard alcohol without deduction, each day of the contest. White wine is a 1 point deduction. (Obviously you won’t want to mix your hard alcohol with a sugary mix.) A second serving will constitute a 1 point deduction. A third a 2 point deduction, and a fourth a 0 for the day. There is a 1/2 point deduction for cream in your coffee -per cup. Also a 1/2 point deduction for a serving of cheese, like a little on your eggs or on the salad. That’s all cheeses and a little means a serving size.

Bonus Points
1 Point- Workout at C3. If You aren’t in attendance but you workout, e-mail me the details and receive 1 point. You will only receive the point if you spend at least 5 minutes stretching after you workout.
1 Point- Take your Fish Oil
1 Point- Post a comment that is relevant, encouraging or helpful to others. For example “Tried this great recipe! 1 Cup of chopped blah blah blah and mixed with blah blah blah. It only took 15 minutes. Bon Apetite!” Only one point per day no matter how many comments you make that day.
If you score a 6 or better 21 days in a row you will receive 10 bonus points. Again this has to be done in 21 consecutive days. Don’t forget we will likely be asking to see journals throughout the competition.

How To Win
Ultimately Sarah and Myself will make the final call. We will base it off of the following:
-Total Points Scored
-Before and after pictures, waist measurements, body fat percentage.
-Performance. Progress On The Benchmark WODs and other progress we observe.

Adding It All Up
For the first 2 weeks we will need to see your food journal and help you keep track of the scoring. After that we will likely let you keep track of your own scores once you have the hang of it. You will still need to keep a food journal so that we can verify your numbers if we have to.

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  1. Nicole Reply

    Mark-I love this!!! It’s usually not so easy to get Tim and I cracking up this early in the morning!

    Like the scoring, this is going to be an awesome challenge. Looking forward to hearing from the participants along their journey, and seeing the results people have physically and mentally in and out of the gym.

    And by the way, I’m eating Paleo blah, blah, blah for breakfast this morning:)

  2. Littles Reply

    This is FUN. Can’t wait.

  3. Katherine Reply

    It’sssssss Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Also worth mentioning- First place gets 400$ cold hard cash!!!

    If you haven’t paid yet please do so asap. If you prefer a one time charge of 40$ onto your account please request it to myself or Sarah.

    There will also be smaller recognition prizes given out.

    This is going to AWESOME!!!

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