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November 30, 2010




Three rounds for time:

Run 400 meters

1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings (or 55 pound dumbbell swing)

12 Pull-ups

If you have not weighed in but plan on participating please weigh in Tuesday.
If you have not yet paid please let Sarah know so that she can charge your account or you can bring her cash or a check.
Here is the recipe for CrossFit Mamma Mayo-also a point!
Hey fellow Paleo challengers, here is a recipe for Paleo Mayonnaise that I just tried. * Be sure to use very fresh eggs! Also I did this recipe using just a bowl and whisk because I figured not everyone has a Cuisinart or blender. No muss no fuss. Sure it will hurt your arm, but we are crossfitters! Buck up!

1 egg yolk

3/4tsp salt

1/4 tsp dry mustard

pinch cayenne

1 and 1/2 cups extra vir. olive oil

In a large bowl whisk egg yolk with dry mustard and kosher salt.

Add lemon juice.

Whisking constantly, begin DROPPING oil in just a few drops at a time. This step is very important. GO SLOWLY! Once you have a few teaspoons of oil and your mixture is nice and smooth begin to stream in your oil (very little at a time this is the key to good mayo!) Whisk until all the oil is in there. This does have a more olive oil taste but its fresh and bright and delicious.

You could toss in a little fresh lemon zest or freshly chopped basil or any other herb you like. Enjoy!

You should have all the resources you need by now now. Just to recap in the past few weeks we have posted links to hundreds of paleo recipes you can find many of them on the upper right of the blog. There were several grocery lists and links posted yesterday along with meal planning.

The point system/scoring was posted last week and there have been a couple of clarifications-thanks for all the questions-keep em coming! Here is a quick recap.
Butter=no. Chocolate=no. Yogurt=no. Rice=no.

I was asked about saving up your beverages i.e. shots or glasses of wine for one day. I can see the reasoning behind it but I don’t recommend it. I would have to say that if you don’t drink good for you and if you have more than 1 as a participant in the challenge the point deduction applies.
Extra points can be earned by putting relevant information in the comments that benefits the participants of the challenge. Like CrossFit Mamma’s Mayo recipe-perfect example she tried it loved and then posted the how to the comments. Sorry but just logging in and saying something like:
“Paleo RULES!!!”
while true and inspiring, does not earn you a point. Especially if you cut and paste it every day. 
Hopefully you will dig a little and discover new recipes or make recommendations on known recipes or post good links that will benefit all challengers. Happy hunting and gathering on this one-it will be fun to see it play out over the next 90 days.
If you come in to CrossFit without working out however you do the mobility WOD or take time to do the full mobility WOD at home and post it you will be awarded 1 point. (You should stretch for at LEAST 5 minutes after every WOD anyway.) 
This is not in addition to your point for working out but instead of on rest days or off days. You will also get a bonus point for attending active recovery in addition to your workout point for the day. 
Here is where I go on another one of my rants. I will touch on this and post on this topic as the challenge goes on but in 90 days almost anything is possible (I can just hear Bushy asking is he will be able to fly by the end of this) Seriously the point of the competition is a positive impact on you. Living up to your potential. Feeling great. Performing at the top of your game. Looking your best as a positive side benefit. This will be a long 90 days. The best results will come to the most consistent performers over the long haul.
On the other hand-90 days! It seems astonishing and simple that in all of ones lifetime that is all it takes to change everything. For one thing it’s no small matter that you could legitimately save your own life, if not add years to it down the road. 
90 days.
 That means that with the 365 days you are given during the next 1 year time period you decided to take  about 1/4 of that and work on making you what you and everyone truly wants to be-the healthiest version of ourselves. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy-but over the next 90 days you are actually going to do it! You have your before pictures, you have your before weight, you have your before measurements-you have who you are right now at this point in your life. There is another thing that you have that we don’t yet have on paper, or in a picture-the you that you want to be. It only takes 90 days-will you become that version of yourself? That is up to you and no one else-you know you are in there, the best of you wants to come out so don’t let anything stop it. You may stumble-fine. You may fall- fine-the best often do. But over the next 90 days may it be the times you stood up, the times you marched forward, and the times you pressed on that define you, that define your journey.
What will you do with your 90 days?

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  1. Cape Cod Val Reply

    Really well written, I am very excited to see what happens to me during this 90 days. I am ready, Just need my fish oil. 🙂

  2. Anonymous Reply

    hi guys i was just wondering how long will the mayo might keep?

  3. Heather Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Heather Reply

    Wow, Mark! I’m so inspired. I wish wish wish I could do this with you guys. I’m going to do my very best, but it won’t be challenge worthy.

    I can NOT wait to see what comes of this challenge for everyone (especially my parents, but I guess I’m a little biased toward them.)

    To everyone participating: Hit it hard!!! Good luck and keep it up the WHOLE time. Come back and read today’s post from Mark if you ever feel like you’re starting to lose it.
    Remember, nothing tastes as good as being fit feels!

    And you’ve got the whole C3 community behind you!
    Now that’s a recipe for success if I’ve ever seen one.

    Good luck everyone. I can’t wait to see you all in a few weeks!


  5. Greg Reply

    A very very short conversation this morning at Stop and Shop:

    Greg – “Bananas and Roast Beef”

    Sarah – “Good Job!”

    Very funny but you had to be there.

  6. Tom Reply


  7. Jim Hicken Reply

    Hello there, Jim here, good friend of Tim and Nicole out in Afghanistan. Day 1 is in the books and I feel great. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s WOD. Tim has all my info

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