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February 11, 2011
Nate working out with his gun still on his hip.
Congrats to Greg B for his first ever Muscle Up!
Also Congratulations to Jack for his first pull up in 20 years!



You Have 1 Minute To Complete Each Couplet. Stay At Each Couplet For 5 Rounds/Minutes. If You Finish Sooner Than One Minute The rest Of The Time Is Rest. If You Cant Finish In The Minute You Just Continue Working Straight Through Until 5 Minutes Is Up.
Lunge 12 Steps
KB Swing 8 Swings 2/1.5

Rest/Transition 1:00

One Arm Dumbell Power Snatch 8 reps 45/30
Double Underx24

Rest/Transition 1:00

Deadlift 8 Reps 185/135
Box Jump 30″ 6/4

 Mobility WOD

I received the following e-mail from Officer Jim Rogers of the Falmouth PD.

Mark, I just wanted to let you know how Cape Cod Cross Fit helped me on duty. I was on a warrant service (that is when someone is wanted for an outstanding arrest warrant) at a local apartment complex. I took the back area of the apartment while other officers made entry into the front. I heard some yelling in the apartment, so I peeked my head around the corner and noticed the suspect running away with another officer behind him. Apparently, the suspect jumped out the front window as the officers were inside. I joined in the foot pursuit. Even though the suspect and the other officer had a good jump on me, I found I was gaining ground quickly. The other officer then dove forward and pushed the suspect and both of them fell to the ground. I was able to be right there with them and we were able to detain the suspect and prevent him from getting back up. The suspect was then taken into custody.

After the incident, I told the other officer that I noticed that he had his cuffs out first and we were both wondering who was going to cuff him first. The other officer said “I was out of gas”. I really noticed that I did not feel winded at all after the chase and really thought that I could have gone a lot further than I did, if needed. I owe my new found fitness level to Cape Cod Cross Fit and plan to keep on training even after the FRC.

Jim Rogers

Team FPD First Responder Challenge.

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  1. Katherine Reply

    Greg B, yeeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhh, Buddy. Congrats!

    Jack, congrats on your pull up!

    Guess we’re all going to have to really start behaving, now that we have these superbly-conditioned police officers on the loose. Bummer.

  2. Bushy Reply

    greg, jack – way to go!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Nicole said…

    Congrats to Greg B and Jack on their muscle up and pull up!

    I was asked to make a cake, obviously non-paleo. Its been almost 90 days since I had to buy sugar/flour/choc…I felt like I was being watched by the Paleo Police. I also realized it was the first time since starting the challenge I walked down an aisle in the grocery store. It just shows how much food is processed and shouldn’t be eaten… Oh yes, I stayed strong and baked the cake and didn’t lick the bowl!!!

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Nicole S. said…

    I was at Whole Foods this week and found the maple bacon. Heads up…I found a brand with only Vermont Maple syrup…I noticed the package of the same brand had a little different print, identical wording. I compared the ingredients….they have added sugar to the new batch being stocked. So unfair!

  5. KristinP Reply

    Nice work Greg!!!! Can’t wait to witness this new feat of yours! Congrats Jack, huge accomplishment!

    I just need to state publicly that I was able to tackle the large box, not to be confused with the 30″ monster box, in today’s wod for the FIRST time ever! The big news is there was absolutely NO acrobatics and the paramedics did not need to be involved! All in all, tWas a good day…thanks for the push Mark!!!

  6. crossfit mama Reply

    Hey Greg and Jack that is awesome!

    Nicole, very impressive. I have been asked to bake things for people these last couple of months and it is funny how once the sugar is out of your system, you can be handling and making baked goods and not even really crave them. Amazing!

  7. Jane Reply

    I want to thank you Danielle, Liz, Sarah and everyone else who have posted recipes. While on the Vineyard, I’m getting the reputation for being a good cook because I’m taking your recipes off the blog and sharing them with people to show them how good paleo can be. And yes, I’m taking all the credit:)

  8. Drew Reply

    It is wonderful to see the progress of everyone, even if for Jane and I it’s just on the blog. Greg great job and Kristen I knew you could do it.
    A brief paleo progress note from me… Today for the first time in 16 years I bought clothes that didn’t have an x in front of the size. It was a pretty big deal for me. Made all the sacrifices and ackward dinner conversations over the last few months totally worth it.

  9. ErinM Reply

    Congrats Greg and Jack that’s amazing!! Kristin you kicked that box’s ass! Drew – I just got a little teary reading about your clothes shopping- that’s wonderful! You look fabulous!! Have I ever said how much I just love Crossfit??:)

  10. KristinP Reply

    Thanks Drew! That thing has been scaring the crap outta me for ages now…always feels good to overcome that! AND I so remember the day I lost the X! Such a great feeling…I’m so proud of you!!!! Lots of hard work 🙂

    Um Erin, you kick some large box ass yourself my friend!!!

    CrossFit Mama, how are ya? Feeling better I hope…ready to come back? I hope so, watching your progress has become very motivating for me…so I hope to see ya soon! Being sick can be rough but your strength will come back quickly! Here’s my unsolicited advice: don’t expect 100% on day 1, 2, or even 3. Allow yourself to ease back! You got this…the hardest work has already been done 🙂

  11. crossfit mama Reply

    Kristen, Thanks for the good advice. I am sooo intimidated about restarting at C3 after what feels like an eternity but like you said I will take it real slow. Antibiotics seem to be helping kick this and I really, really hope to be back on Monday. I miss seeing everyone so much!

  12. Jane Reply

    I’ve been stuck at the same weight for my press for over a year now. I finally got a 5lb PR! Paleo is making a difference. It’s so exciting to see progress!

  13. Littles Reply

    Nate, you’re so much smaller I didn’t recognize you.

    NICE everyone! Greg and Jack great job.
    Jane and Drew I hear you both look amazing.

    I saw Erin for the first time in a month and was blown away by her progress, and her first 2 kipping pullups!!!!!
    Great job with the monster box Kristin.

    Danielle, I went in for the second time in 2 weeks and modified the wod. I think this whole coming week is going to be a bit of that until I’m 100%.
    we’ll workout together, it’ll be fun:)

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