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February 13, 2011

Mondays Workout:

Work up to 1 rep Max weight on the Clean (ground to shoulder rack position)

followed by:

50 sit ups
10 cleans 135/95, 50 double unders
8 cleans, 40 double unders
6 cleans, 30 double unders
4 cleans, 20 double unders
2 cleans, 10 double unders
50 situps

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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    Congratulations Erin on your 1st and 2nd ever pull ups!

    This weeks programming is courtesy of Jon-Enjoy! It’s off to a great start!

  2. OldNatickRookie Reply

    150 double unders = 450 singles. I got to learn double unders.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Nicole S said…

    WOW! I must say C3 people looking absolutely fabulous! Erin and Kristin you both look amazing! Everday the positive energy at C3 hits another level Sat’s open gym showed that. There were 4 different WODs going on plus I think few new members doing their baselines. Encouragement was heard across the gym! Love C3!

    Congratulations to Erin for getting her first pullups!

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Erin you got pullups? That is amazing!!!!!!!! Congrats!

  5. ErinM Reply

    I’m not sure if you guys know this- but I did my first 2 pullups on Saturday- that’s right, two!
    Did I mention I did my first pullup?

  6. jmiles Reply

    Who’s Erin?

  7. Bushy Reply

    congrats erin!
    must be the arrowroot powder!

  8. Mark Lee Reply

    It seems my posts are now appearing as Mark Lee’s.

  9. Mark Lee Reply

    This is Danielle. My computer has been confiscated again. Posts no. 4,8,and 9 are mine. Although now that I have Mark’s identity, I could have some fun with this.

  10. KristinP Reply

    Hey Jon Miles, he who is in charge of programming, thanks sooooooo much for today’s wod!!!! Mass amounts of BOTH of the moves that have been frustrating the hell out of me for weeks now!! Better bring tissues cuz there WILL be tears 😉

  11. ErinM Reply

    Valentine’s day is so annoying….

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