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February 14, 2011

Excellent work on the clean today. How do we get good at power lifting movements? Do them a few thousand reps, and it starts to make sense.

Tuesdays Wod: Cindy. 


by James Buscemi
For so long I have loved her, never stopped thinking of her.
For so long here without her, still my dreams are about her.
She is my angel, who I miss so much.
She is the woman who comforts me with the thought of her touch.
I remember the moonlight through her hair,
and the movement of her body in the evening air.

Like a Ballerina she dances inside my head.
A vision in motion, too beautiful to be said.
Good night my angel, good night my love.
We’ll meet within our dreams.
For if dreams are all we have.
Then hold me in your arms and love me in the sand, take me by the hand,
and dance my love, dance with me, till the sun rises up on the bay,
Till the magic leaves nothing to say,
Till the world comes to take us away.

Something tells me that the dude that wrote this piece of crap never spent the same kind of quality time we will with her: our cindy means 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 air squats as many rounds as possible in twenty minutes.

She is a vision in motion. She will love you in the sand. Dance with her. Let her burn your thighs, wreck your chest,  and tear the skin off your palms.

Good night my fellow crossfitters, and may we meet within our dreams.

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    Paleo MCGRIDDLE…. Yes you read that right.
    Make a sandwich out of…

    2 of Sarahs amazing pancakes
    Small Jones Sausage Patty
    1 Fried Egg

    Maple Syrup for dipping.

    This is not healthy, will not help you lose weight and will not help you set a p.r….

  2. Greg Reply

    Wow, I haven’t been on the blog in quite awhile and Mark’s post was unusually frightening. Especially that love in the sand part. Been there. Kinda painful if you’re not careful.
    Anyway belated Congrats to “Muscle-up Men” Dave and Greg B and “Pull-up slayers” Erin and Jack.
    See you all soon (the knee is very slowly recovering)

  3. KristinP Reply

    …but WILL provide you with a moment of pure masticatory bliss! (yes I said masticatory)!

    AND Jon, just as an FYI, if you and I meet in our dreams, we will be definately be having words…that will end with me thanking you for giving me an opportunity to push through my anxiety and frustration regarding today’s wod 🙂

  4. Bushy Reply

    1- i’m never planning on sleeping again – thanks jon.

    2- paleo mcgriddle sounds awesome.

    3- but not as awesome as watka beach love.

  5. Bushy Reply

    4- this blog is finally getting interesting! who else would like to hear more about kristen’s “pure masticatory bliss”?

  6. Joe Cat Reply

    I was going to sleep between my morning and overnight shifts but this sounds like a great workout!

  7. Cape Cod Val Reply

    Cindy made me sweat! Good workout.

  8. sarah lee Reply

    Lindsey? Are you still out there?

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