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February 15, 2011

Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.” shaq

Its great to see progress, and today we saw Anthony hit a new gym PR of 24 rounds of Cindy, only to have it fall 20 minutes later to Kyle with a 27 and 5 push ups. Its great to see great athletes work hard. Thinking of excellence as a habit, check out Betty. She is  determined to jump  on the small box, and thats why you will find her working in the corner jumping on a stack of rubber plates before every  class. Or Dave, who loves his muscle up, but really just wants to have a six pack. Or Greg B, anchor of the 6:30 class. We all come in, check his time so we have something to chase. Or our two pregnant moms. Watch Erin do pull ups. Watch Ryan at 6:30, the incredible shrinking man. Watch Kristen give encouragement because shes done what none of us have. Watch Bushy get his rump handed to him by….his wife. 

Wow. We have some excellent athletes. 

Wednesdays Wod: 5 Rounds of

15 Toes to bar
15 Kettle bell swings 2/1.5
15 lunges
15 Sumo High Pull Dead lifts 95/65
15 Broad Jumps over black mat

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  1. crossfit mama Reply

    Eating paleo means what is it? 70 percent vegetables or something like that? That is a lot of vegetables. Make them taste great. Blanching vegetables takes a few extra minutes and a little extra clean up but it really is worth it. You will actually find the process kind of enjoyable. Well maybe you think I am crazy but I know Liz at least will agree with me. So here is what to do.

    First get a big pot of water boiling and put in about a Tbs of salt. Next to this have a bowl ready filled with ice water. (Plenty of ice.) Next to that have a sheet pan ready with paper towels on it. Drop your veggies into the boiling water and swish em around for only a minute or so. Don’t walk away! The idea here is to take out some of the bitterness, keep the veggie crunchy yet slightly tender, and to have the beautiful verdant green come through.
    Next drop the veggies into the ice bath to shock them. (Stop the cooking.) Then go right onto the paper towel. (It helps if you have a spider but a slotted spoon will do. You can do whatever vegetables you want. Tonight I did broccolini, sugar snap peas, and green beans. Next toss them in flavored oil. What is flavored oil you say?

  2. crossfit mama Reply

    Flavored Oil

    Drop a few Tbs of olive oil into a really big frying pan. Add a smashed garlic clove and swirl it around over the heat for a minute. Remove the garlic clove. It has done it’s job. (Go ahead and eat it if you want. It’s fried and crispy. Just don’t kiss anyone.) To this garlic oil and 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes. Now toss your beautiful vegetables in this and add salt and serve. They have very little time in the oil so they are not laden with oil like when you roast them, they are not overcooked like when you saute them. They are perfect. Enjoy.

  3. Bushy Reply

    jon – good burn. well-done my friend. you just wait though – cf mama will be handing you yours very soon . . .

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Congrats to Everyone on stellar Cindy’s today. Also noteworthy was Bushy’s Pr of 17 up from 16 and Katerine’s 15 Rounds Prescribed!
    I have fond memories of my first Cindy when I started CF in 07. I only got 10 rounds-our girls are crushing that!

    PS Jon is the matermind behind the blog, so dont blame me for the poems!

  5. Joe Cat Reply

    As someone who has worked out and trained at many gyms, I have to say that it’s Crossfit’s sense of community and encouragement that I enjoy most. C3 has some
    great athletes, and more importantly, great people within it.

    It’s inspiring to watch the physical and mental progress from others at the gym. Jon’s observations are dead on. Thank you all for motivating me! I can’t wait to continue Crossfit past the First Responders Challenge!

  6. KristinP Reply

    Just completed today’s wod, now to be titled ‘Miles of Death’ because 1) it doesn’t EVER end and 2) I think Jon Miles is trying to kill us! Be cautious my friends, very very cautious!!

    Mostly joking…thanks for the challenge Jon 🙂

  7. ErinM Reply

    That was definitely a tough one Jon- and I only did 4 rounds because I had to get home- that’s a great name for it Kristin!!

  8. Littles Reply

    Mama, that sounds really good. Yes, I agree it’s worth the extra step.
    A really good salad using CFM steps on blanching
    is to blanch green beans, slice fennel and radish and
    toss in a lemon ving. with fresh dill.

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