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February 16, 2011

Thursdays Workout:

Back squat. Find your heaviest set of 3 reps. Do two sets. Post both numbers.
For example if you are Bushy, you might do a set at 115, and the second set at 105. His wife might post two numbers like 155, 165.

10 rounds of 10 meter sprints. One minute on, one minute off. Remember doing this a few weeks ago? Can you improve on the overall number?

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  1. Bushy Reply

    jon – two day in a row – double burn. why? you’re gonna make joe cat take back his comments about “community.” this is about the one year anniversary of mark’s “positivity” blog-post . . .

  2. Greg B. Reply

    Wow Bushy, what did you do to Jon?

  3. Cape Cod Val Reply

    Can’t walk today from the 150 squats yesterday and the pullups and pushups. Have to rest up, leaving for Killington skiing. Be back next wednesday.

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Have Fun Val!

    I propose that Jon and Bushy Go Head To Head On The 1 Minute On 1 Minute Off Running-Saturday At Noon- The War On The Shore!!! Be There Live At C3!!!

  5. crossfit mama Reply

    I had some ground turkey in the fridge I had to cook so I made some meatballs from it and a quick pan sauce for dinner. They were so good. Here is what to do.

    Turkey Meatballs

    The secret to really good, moist meatballs whether you are using turkey, beef, or whatever is LOTS of eggs. I learned that from an old Italian lady. And now you know too.

    For 2 pounds of turkey burger:

    8 large eggs, beaten in large bowl
    To this add:
    herbs (fresh is best) oregano, basil, parsley etc.
    About 1 cup almond meal
    a little beef broth maybe 1/2 cup
    plenty of minced garlic, kosher salt and pepper. Crushed red pepper too. Sorry these measurements are so not exact. I just throw stuff in a bowl. Mix in your ground meat of choice. Ground veal is great in meatballs too by the way. Wet your hands. Form into balls and saute them in some olive oil and simmer them in a sauce. There are millions of ways to make sauce. Tonight I just did a quick one as follows; saute a chopped onion in olive oil, throw it a little crushed red pepper, minced garlic, kosher salt, crushed red tomatoes from a can and a couple Tbs of capers. You can squeeze in a shot of anchovy paste if you feel like a puttenesca. (Italian for Lady of the Night! It’s spicy.) Well harlots used to make it and put it in their windowsills to draw the men in. Sounds paleo to me.
    Happy cooking ya’ll.

  6. Traci Reply

    War on the Shore, nice! My money is on Bushy…

  7. jmiles Reply

    or we could just sit down and have a few shots of tequila.

    yes, that is my solution to everything.

  8. Bushy Reply

    10 rounds of 10 meter sprints. One minute on, one minute off. must complete one shot of tequila betweeen rounds. no training wheels.

  9. Drew Reply

    10 meter/1 liter sprints, I love it.

    Last january I had a physical and the doctor told me I should lose some weight, have heard it for years and no big deal right? While I was at the receptionist desk I saw my chart and the diagnosis… Morbidly obese. Not husky, big, xxl, but “gonna die” fat. I weighed 288 pounds, felt ok, been doing crossfit for a year, but this is the exact moment when I knew I had to change, that this was not what I wanted for my life. I went back to my doctor and asked him what weight I needed to be to get obese taken off my chart. He told me 225. This morning I stepped on the scale and weighed 222. I am no longer obese.

    Thank you Mark, Sarah and everyone who has been so encouraging and supportive, I never thought that three months could change my life, but with ALL of your help, it has.

    Thank you everyone.

  10. Littles Reply

    Drew. I’m not usually getting teary at 7:40 am.
    I’m so proud of you.

  11. KristinP Reply

    Thank you for making my day! Get your skinny butt back here…I miss you 🙂

  12. Nettie Reply

    Drew, that is so wonderful! Congratulations!!!! So proud of you 🙂

    Been great to read about everyone’s progress and PR’s. Hopefully, I’ll be back next week – been home from work all week with a messed up shoulder/arm. Valium and percocet help the pain but then I’m in drooling lala land. Not a pretty picture! Miss you all!

  13. ErinM Reply

    I am also tearing up at 8:05am Drew!!! That is amazing-so inspiring! Hope you heal up quick Nettie!

  14. Littles Reply

    Have fun Val! Miss you Nettie, hope you heal quickly.

  15. Greg B. Reply

    I usually don’t get teary at all, but man Drew that is awesome! Someone please pass me a tissue.

  16. Tim Reply

    Hey everyone!
    Just try’n to check in from time time and man, did I pick a good day to do it! Laughed, cried, and got a good meat ball recipe! I gotsta check in with you guys out more often :::))

  17. Tim Reply

    Did that last sentence make sense?

  18. Jane Reply

    Drew, I’m so proud of you!

    The hardest meal for me on paleo is lunch because I’m always on the go, and usually in the car. I’m not a big fan of cold meat, but I have found I do like cold chicken drumsticks. Tonight I cooked up a batch to take for lunches, and it was also dinner. Very simple, i took a package of drumsticks, placed in a pan, added chicken stock, fresh sage, oregano, salt, pepper and garlic powder. I baked it at 350 for about 50 mins. I also threw a couple sweet potatos in at the same time as a side dish.

  19. Anonymous Reply

    Nicole S said…

    Is there a love/hate bro-mance going on between Jon and Bushy? Too funny!

    Drew, I’m hearing so much of how incredible you look…Great Job! Miss seeing you and Jane, hope to see you both soon!

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