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February 17, 2011

Before Reading Todays Wod, make sure you read yesterdays post by Drew Bollin in the blog.

Fridays wod:  Clock runs for 20 minutes

5 reps 95/65lb bar from shoulder to overhead,cleaned off the floor, 10 box jumps lrg/med, 20 double unders, AMRAP, 3 minutes on, 1 minute off, 4 cycles, ending at the 15 minute mark. Rest 2 minutes, then do as many wall ball shots as possible in 3 minutes.

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  1. crossfit mama Reply

    Tonight’s Dinner? Braised chicken with mushrooms and almond puree.

    8 bone in chicken thighs
    pancetta or bacon about 5 slices
    2 lbs mushrooms any kind you like
    1 large onion, chopped
    2 cups good wine
    1 cup or so chicken broth
    2 smashed garlic cloves
    few sprigs thyme
    crushed red pepper,salt,pepper

    Get a dutch oven searing hot and drop in some olive oil. Season chicken thighs on both sides liberally with salt and pepper. Working in batches so chicken nicely browns, sear chicken. Couple minutes on both sides. Remove to a plate. In same pot brown your diced up bacon. When it is brown and crispy add onion, a good pinch of crushed red pepper, more salt and pepper. Sweat those onions for a few minutes then add garlic cloves, thyme, and mushrooms. Saute for a few minutes and add a couple of cups of wine. Use a good one you would want to actually drink. Reduce this by half. (Let it evaporated down over hight heat.) Add chicken back in and add enough chicken broth to barely cover chicken. Keep lid askew and let simmer for about 35 minutes.
    For puree toast 1/2 cup of blanched almonds and puree them in a food processor. Stream in about 1/2 cup olive oil and add salt and pepper.
    Add this to the sauce your chicken is simmering in. It adds huge depth of flavor and thickens it up a bit.

    I’m gonna miss posting to you guys every night.

    Sorry to get all mushy. I had a glass of wine.

  2. sarah lee Reply

    Drew… I’m SO proud of you.

    Crossfit Mama. Please keep posting. I look forward to your post everyday.

    Tomorrows WOD looks FUN! Thank you to Jon for this week. (Sorry I told you I hate you yesterday)

    I’m not sure who to put my money on Saturday. Bushy post a lot about booze…. But, then again I have been drinking with Jon for about a decade…. This is a tough one.

  3. Bushy Reply

    drew – you truly are the man.

    jon – i will try and make the noon tomorrow. if my kids are with me, you have to wear the baby bjorn, i’ll wear the 20 pound vest. probably nobody will call the police if they look through the windows and see the madness.

    blogger – i’ve said it before, but i must say it again. your word verifications are getting crazier and crazier. “coclift” seriously?

  4. crossfit mama Reply

    bushy: your wife is gone for the weekend. my wife is gone for the weekend. lets make a show called 2 men and 6 kids and 1.75 of tequila.

  5. jmiles Reply

    yeah that was me

  6. Bushy Reply


  7. Bushy Reply

    so today – after completing jon’s maniacal wod from wednesday i got to talking with sarah and nicole about why some people are stronger than others when it appears that they are going through the same workout patterns, nutrition, etc. both of the ladies i was speaking with, who are arguably the most knowledgeable people i have ever met when it comes to fitness in general, remarked that genetics play a big role.

    at this point i thought, i don’t like the sound of that – because some of us like to think we have more control over our strengths and weaknesses. in education, it’s a big no-no to think that the child of two harvard grads is going to be ‘smarter’ than the child of the single father working the blue collar job. in fact – we believe (or are supposed to) that both will achieve academic success if they work hard and take advantage of opportunities provided by skillful teachers. don’t worry though – i’m not going down that road, but there is a connection.

    back to the physical component – i referenced michael jordan and larry bird during our conversation. many people would say, ‘those guys are naturally talented.’ but would they be right? if you asked them – would 23 and 33 feel like you might be discrediting their hard work. their endless hours in the gym, shooting 500 free throws a day? the hard work = succes peice makes sense to me, and i want to beleive it, because i’m not one of those dudes who goes to the gym and throws around weight like i was born to do-so (pun intended). BUT, MJ and Larry also happened to be very TALL – which, as far as i know, we have very LITTLE control over. . . so maybe it is about genetics?

    i’m not going crazy, it’s just that traci is out of town and i don’t have anyone to bounce my usual crazy thoughts off of. don’t worry though, i’m going drinking tonight and i promise ‘serious tom’ will be gone for a while after this. besides, what kind of loser reads the c3 blog during the weekends anyways (haha – joker tom is back).

    anyway – i’m hoping this post will score me a point since, due to the aforementioned drinking decree, i’m taking zero for food today. if any of this sh-t is interesting to anyone – i suggest checking out Carol Dweck’s book Mindset. it really is a good read, and has a lot of connections to what we do(or what i like to think we do) in the gym everyday. . .

  8. KristinP Reply

    Bushy, I’m with Traci. She’s wondering where the children were while you were developing your thesis?

  9. Bushy Reply

    excellent question. they are eating “chickens” and watching “dinosaur” right now. good times!

  10. jmiles Reply

    Try out Malcolm Gladwells book outliers

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Hello C3!! It’s Bryce and Shanna here..we have been reading all your great stories , drooling over the recipes we could never make in africa and getting excited to see you again. Things are great here in Ghana. Really enjoying our time . The people are very sincere and welcoming. It’s crazy to be in a place so completly different and see how some people live. As far as crossfit….i’m sorry to report we have not one ounce of energy left by the end of the day to lift our legs or better yet any sort of weight:) but we are excited to get into it again soon. We brought a small deaf girl and her twin sister with us yesterday to a sign language meeting. it was the first time she has ever seen or met another deaf person. It was so cute to see her excited that she is not alone. She lives in a small village and goes to a hearing school so has never had the chance to meet anyone else deaf. Bryce cracked her first smile by skipping on the road with her while i filmed…very cute…anyways, you guys are really doing great with the challenge.we can’t wait to see all the results of your hard work! lot’s of love .see you all soon!

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