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February 21, 2011

Congratulations to Tom for his first pull up-EVER!!!



Front Squat

Followed By…

21-15-9 For Time

Pull Ups
Box Jumps Lg/Md

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Hello C3!! It’s Bryce and Shanna here..we have been reading all your great stories , drooling over the recipes we could never make in africa and getting excited to see you again. Things are great here in Ghana. Really enjoying our time . The people are very sincere and welcoming. It’s crazy to be in a place so completly different and see how some people live. As far as crossfit….i’m sorry to report we have not one ounce of energy left by the end of the day to lift our legs or better yet any sort of weight:) but we are excited to get into it again soon. We brought a small deaf girl and her twin sister with us yesterday to a sign language meeting. it was the first time she has ever seen or met another deaf person. It was so cute to see her excited that she is not alone. She lives in a small village and goes to a hearing school so has never had the chance to meet anyone else deaf. Bryce cracked her first smile by skipping on the road with her while i filmed…very cute…anyways, you guys are really doing great with the challenge.we can’t wait to see all the results of your hard work! lot’s of love .see you all soon!

  2. Jane Reply

    Today I have experienced a true paleo conundrum. Eight years ago, I was skinny as a rail, not very muscular and at 5′ 10” was a size 10. We went shopping last night and my jeans have been getting too big, so I tried on a pair of size 8, still too big, so for the first time in my life, I tried on a pair of size 6 jeans, and they fit!! (totally cried in the fitting room.) This morning I stepped on the scale and I weighed 13 pounds more than I did 8 years ago. It truly proves to me that on paleo you can’t worry too much about what the scale tells you. Instead go by how you feel, and how your clothes fit.

  3. crossfit mama Reply

    1. Just want to say first of all that I saw Drew this morning and almost cried. He is a new person and I am so stinking proud of him.

    2. Jane your post was beautiful and made me feel great.

    3. A big shoutout to Greg B. who held my hand through the 9’s on today’s workout. Thank you I needed it. You are awesome.

    4. Mark, thankyou for spending all that time painting the walls such a beautiful blue. It looks great. A peaceful serene color in a room of torture. Love it.

  4. crossfit mama Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Nettie Reply

    Still on drugs – hope this makes sense. Jane, you must feel so healthly and wonderful. Congratuatoions. Bryce and shanna – you are doiing great work in Africa. I hope you have picture! Enjoy the rest of your time here – can’t waut to see you bsck at C3. Hope to be back there myselft soon. Miss you all Mark, blue walls? Cam’t wait for the serene torture = womthing tells me it will still be torture. Miss you all – guess I already said that. Enjoy your helath – nefe take it for granted.

  6. Drew Reply

    Thank you everyone for the kind words and support. Jane and i are back for a week and very excited to work out with all our friends. Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow.

  7. Drew Reply

    BTW Nettie, less drugs, more spell check. Hope you feel better soon.

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