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February 24, 2011

Greg B at the a.m. class.



Choose One Of The Following
6 Rounds For Time
25 Sit Ups
25 Lunges
Run 200m

Run 400m Or Row 500m
4 Rounds Rest 2:00

Mobility WOD

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  1. Jane Reply

    Nicole, we miss you too and can’t wait to see you.

    Like Drew, I plan on sticking with Paleo, but I will be glad to not have to write down everything I eat! Only a few days left, hope everyone is still going strong, can’t wait to see the results with the WODs

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Finaly a picture where Greg Bis upright!
    Congrats to Mason on her Pull Up!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Nicole S. said…

    Paleo has worked so well for me, I can’t see giving it up. I’m actually scared to eat dairy or sugar right now (even though I do miss pizza) But, I’m more afraid of detox or a food hangover. So I will choose Paleo as a way of life. It will be nice not have to write everything down.

    Congrats on everyone’s accomplishments this week…so many 1st pullups!

  4. crossfit mama Reply

    After years of trying I finally got under 2 minutes on my 1st round of 500 meter rows today.

  5. KristinP Reply

    So today I’m on my my way to C3 with my 4 year old. We pass a horse farm. He says “hay is for horses” and starts saying all things related to a farm…one of these statements went something like this: “and milk comes from the coconut tree”…I wasn’t sure whether to be proud or frightened 🙂

  6. Jane Reply

    Danielle, congratulations!

    Kristin, that’s awesome, you had drew and I laughing! JJ is truly a Paleo child!

  7. Drew Reply

    Kristen, i thought my 12 second PR on my 400 made my day until i read your post and JJ’s quote.

    I really understand JJ’s thought pattern now. My vocabulary has changed since starting the challenge, it’s no longer “what’s for dinner” it’s now , “which protein are we going to have” or “I ate three hours ago and now i’m hungry that last meal must have been zoned right”

    I wish i could have found paleo so early in life like JJ will, would have made my life so much better.

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