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March 11, 2011



AMRAP 5 Minutes
10 KB Swings 2 Pood/1.5
10 True Push Ups

1 Minute Break

AMRAP 5 Minutes

Rope Climbs
Ring Rows

1 Minute Break

AMRAP 5 Minutes

Row For Max Meters

Sarah and I visited Reebok CrossFit One today and they introduced us to something called the ‘After Party’ This is a bonus after the WOD and we liked it so much that we decided to bring it home and introduce it to all of you!

After Party
Hollow Rock And Roll 5 Minutes

In the C3 News:

Please Join Us Saturday Night at 6pm for the Paleo Challenge party and awards Ceremony-Everyone is invited! Dress like you are going to the Oscars!

Kristen Powell got her first strict pull up!!!

Morgan got her first strict pull up!!! 

Mobility WOD

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  1. Bushy Reply

    way to go kristin!

  2. sarah lee Reply

    Nice job Kristin AND Morgan!

  3. amanda Reply

    Awesome job Kristin and Morgan! Erin, want to do “Kelly” with me on Sat? I’m so bummed I missed it.

  4. Traci Reply

    I was lucky enough to witness Kristin’s chin over that pullup bar and it was great!! Congratulations! And congratulations to Morgan!

    And I will do Kelley on Sat too!

  5. Traci Reply

    oh yeah, and NICE deadlift there Amanda!

  6. ErinM Reply

    Yes I will do Kelly on saturday Amanda!! Amazing Kristin! You rock! I am so proud of you!!!! Congrats Morgan!!!

  7. Bushy Reply

    way to go morgan!

  8. Littles Reply

    Amanda, nice deadlift, your arms are insane.
    Kristin, nice tenacity, and congrats!
    Morgan, nice work!
    I’m missing the party because of work! BOO!

  9. KristinP Reply

    Thanks guys! Seems unreal that just 21 months ago I was hanging from the bar, with the equivent of a Sarah strapped to my midsection, in two black bands! Thanks to all my C3 peeps, couldn’t have done it without ya 🙂

  10. KristinP Reply

    Oh and CONGRATS Morgan!!!!

  11. Greg B. Reply

    Way to go all of you strong ladies!!!

  12. Bushy Reply

    Katherine – Don’t forget to bring your Beirut table.

  13. sarah lee Reply

    Beware! The gym smells like champagne and paleo cupcakes are smashed into the floor. Be carefull where you do push ups

  14. Greg Reply

    Mmmmm. Champagne and cupcakes. Tomorrow sounds like a great day for lots of burpees.

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