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April 04, 2011

Congratulations to all of the First Responders who participated in the Challenge-We are proud to have you with us-you have all come a very long way and are just getting started!



5 Rounds
1 Minute At Each Station 1 Minute Rest Between Rounds
Chest To Bar Pull Ups
Ring Dips
Sit Ups
Sledge Hammer Strikes (Bring Your Anger, Frustrations And Disappointments)

Endurance Team WOD At 5:30! If you are interested in participating just be at C3 at 5:30!

Congratulations to Jack who retested his baseline Saturday! His first attempt on day 1 was a 10:30 with about 1/2 the reps and a green band-less than 3 months later on Saturday he retested and scored 7:47 with a red band band and everything else unmodified! Way to go Jack! All the Hard work has paid off-Keep up the good work!

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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    I would also like to add that I am very proud of everyone for giving their all to the CrossFit Games Open-be patient with the website-this is their first year but your scores will be counted. Have Fun with it, you are a part of fitness history as a participant in the largest fitness competition in the world/history!

  2. Bushy Reply

    congrats jack!

    and way to go first first responders! having you guys at c3 has been great – and i promise to drive slower on 130 . . .

  3. Falmouth PD Reply

    Falmouth Police would like to send a special thanks to Mark and Sara for all their help during the last three months preparing for the First Responders Challenge. We need to recognize their support, patience, and dedication to our team. C3 is an incredible gym with a great atmosphere and motivated crossfitters. There have only been two times we witnessed Big Nate’s eyes roll back in his head. The first was day one at Crossfit introduction and then this past weekend at the final challenge. I know the members of FPD are addicted to Crossfit and will be back to represent C3 and the cape for next year’s challenge.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Nicole S. said…

    Congrats to all the first responders particpants! I witnessed your 1st day baseline…you ALL have come along way, great dedication and commitment! Way to go!!! I hope we get to see you year round at CrossFit!

    Congrats Jack…thats a great time!

  5. mason Reply

    Nice job Jack! Baseline…brings back such memories. Congratulations first responders on a job well done!

  6. Greg B. Reply

    Great work First Responders and Jack, we are all proud of your accomplishments!!

  7. Greg B. Reply

    Hey, I have a number of the Revolution Speed Ropes on hand and will sell them for $24 each. They are the same ones as you can get at the AgainFaster store for $25, except these have added cushion grips on the handles. Just let me know if interested.

  8. Bushy Reply

    greg – i’m interested.

  9. anthony Reply

    Greg I’m intrested

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