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April 05, 2011



5 Rounds For Time

5 Reps Front Squat (Best Weight With Corrrect Form)
Run 400

If you are using light weight you will have to go from the floor and if you are using the same weight as someone else who is going heavy use the same rack.

A few highlights from the First Responders Challenge Saturday.
By Sarah Lee

The first workout was strict press. Each team had to pick one member to go head to head against one person from another team. The weight was 135. The first person to complete 10 reps moved onto the next level and would compete against one of the other winners from another team. This continued until there were only 2 men left to compete against each other. This is where big Nate shined. He lifted that weight like it was only the bar. Believe it or not, there was a guy who could press as well as him but Nate definitely held his own and represented his team well.

The next WOD was the same format but involved a run and wall climb. 2 guys at a time ran a 100m, climbed over a wall, then completed the run about another 50m sprint. Anthony was chosen by our team to compete in this. The key was to get to the wall before the other person. Anthony made us all proud. He could out sprint most of the guys, jump/climb over the wall and then quickly recover to continue sprinting.

Back inside we moved onto double unders. Oh no. Can any of them do double unders? We learned fast that Jimmy can. Same format. The first person to 50 double unders moves onto the next round. When we were warming up Jimmy said he couldn’t really do D.U…. Maybe it was the pressure,  the crowd cheering or maybe he is just a rock star…. He did 26! Great job Jimmy.

And finally it was Pats turn to shine. Rope climb time. The first guy to make it to the top of a 25 foot rope moves on. Just to put this in perspective our rope is 15 feet. This is where I was nervous. About 2 weeks ago Pat said he didn’t know how to climb a rope. Once again, don’t ever underestimate these guys. He has been working on his technique and popped up the rope.

Next up was a team wod. Together all 4 guys had to run 300 meters. Once they were back inside 1 person had to complete 15 pull ups. When he finished he moved on to 20 75 pound overhead squats and the next person would do the pull ups. When they were both done, then the first man moved to 15 burpees, the second to squats, the third to pull ups. Again, when all three of them finished the first moved to 30 kettle bell swings and the others moved through until all four team mates completed the movements. It ended with a 100 meter tire flip as a team.

This is where I really felt proud. Anthony perfected his kip during the warm up so flawlessly moved through the pull ups. Patrick cranked out 15 pull up in a row! Where did that come from? Wasn’t he just in a green band? I almost cried I was so proud. Eric’s overhead squats were beautiful! I really could not believe how well he is moving. And Nate… I just had to smile watching him. That is, when he wasn’t going outside to puke. Twice…. When the competition was over a few people told me how inspired they were by Nate. He gave all he had to his team. People were a little concerned by how he looked after the workout but we assured them that he always looks that way:)

I can’t wait for next year. It was a really fun day.. Thank you to Cynergy CrossFit for all your hard work and making this all possible.
Here is a link to their site and more pictures and highlights.

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  1. KristinP Reply

    Dear Mark Lee

    I have recently noticed a trend and was wondering if it is possible that Tuesday has unintentionally been designated as ‘hellish day of torturous running’?! If this is the case, I might have to consider a schedule change, thus your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated!

    Yours Truly,
    Kristin “lead foot” Powell

  2. Katherine Reply

    Sarah, Thanks for an awesome play by play!!! (Seriously, I kinds felt like I was there for a second….)I was super proud just reading it.

    To the amazing first responders……Awesome job to all the Mashpee & Falmouth warriors! Its been surreal to watch the fierce surges in athleticism that you’ve all accomplished in such a short amount of time! I truly hope that over the past months, all of you “drank the Kool-Aid” and will continue beastin through WODS with us at C3.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Nicole S said…

    Kristen, that is not like you NOT to face your fears! I can’t believe that there is anything that can hold you back….attack that run!!!

    To the First Responders! Great story Sarah. I wish I was there to witness the team’s success. It sounds like you made C3 proud, which we all are! Congratulations to each one of you!!!

    Thank you for what you do! Stay safe!!!

  4. KristinP Reply

    You’re totally right Nicole, I’m just being whiny…I’ll be there with bells on :p

    Congrats to the first responders. Nice work guys!!! I’m with Katherine, it’s been great watching your progress and I hope you’re gonna stick around 🙂

  5. amanda Reply

    Awesome job first responders! Its been great to watch all of your hard work and to see that it’s paid off. Hope you all stick around!
    And Kristin I better see you at 3:30 with a huge smile:)

  6. MattR Reply

    Cool post Sarah, wish we had the whole comp on vid somewhere..i’d love to see it…way to kill it & represent C3 first responders, I also hope you guys stick around. You guys are an inspiration.

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