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April 29, 2011

Please remember that you are not at C3 to coach anyone. You are there to be trained. Despite mentioning this dozens of times we still hear advice and coaching being given everyday by members, to members. Good intentions or not, no matter what your experience level, don’t offer up your services. Just get the attention of myself, Sarah, Traci or Jon, and we will do the job you pay us for.

This Article may be very useful for anyone who wants to know why we do what we do at CrossFit and give insight and greater understanding to why it is different, and ultra effective.
What is Fitness?



Back Squat

Followed By
3 rounds
Row Fastest 500 Immediately followed by 50 Sit-ups
Rest as needed Between Rounds-Score The separate Times For Each Round

Upcoming Events:

May 1st Start of the 31 Day Good Carb,Bad Carb Nutrition Challenge!

May 7th The Lovin Life 5k

June 25th The Warrior Dash

July 23rd Olympic Lifting Clinic With Sage Burgener*

*If you are signed up for the Olympic Lifting Clinic with Sage Burgener and would like to receive more instruction on a weekly basis please see me before or after class to discuss membership in CrossFit Cape Cod’s Olympic Lifting Club.

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  1. sarah lee Reply

    Bushy… That was an awesome video of you!

  2. Bushy Reply

    thanks sarah. i was a little ticked at myself for falling off during the second attempt, but came back strong on the third try. i owe it all to the trainers at C3 – i would never be able to do my one arm muscle up/true one arm handstand pushup without you guys – that’s for sure.

  3. Dana Reply

    Mark is there still room to attend the Burgener clinic on July 23rd?

  4. jmiles Reply

    I know my enthusiasm for crossfit made it hard to not cheer-push-coach in the past. We work hard on our skills and technique, and its only natural to want to share. We all love seeing each other hit PRs and growth. But attending the certification was a giant eye opener for me about the responsibility that is placed on the owners of the gym to make the workout environment intense, which we do, and safe, which we do. Liability and reputation is at risk. We all need to protect that.

  5. jmiles Reply

    Mark and Sarah have put their heart and soul into this. They gave up former jobs, went out on a limb and pioneered this “crazy” style of working out in our area. They are like proud parents when clients do well, and they loose sleep when we struggle with food or injuries. They have the most at risk with liability, along with educating our local public why crossfit works, being intense yet safe. So when I read the blog and see a strong plea for us to keep this rolling in the right way, I think we can see the need to respect that.

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