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May 17, 2011
Mason Broad Jumping


AMRAP 20 Minutes

20×10 Meter Sprint
7 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
7 Ring Dips

Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic CrossFit Total Today! It was fun to go at such a different pace and be so social-everyone did an amazing job!

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Any of these faces look like you during the total?

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  1. Greg B. Reply

    Hey all, I still have several jump ropes if anyone wants one.

  2. Jane Reply

    Drew and I would each like a jump rope. drew has had a cold, and I had bronchitis, but we’re starting to feel better, will see you all sometime this week

  3. sarah lee Reply

    I think I made all of those faces…

    Can’t wait to have you back Jane and Drew. You really need to stop disappearing for long periods of time.

  4. Bushy Reply

    mason loves to jump broads.

  5. mason Reply

    I’m too tired to even have a comeback for that comment Bushy…dammit

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