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June 10, 2011

Wednesday There Will Be Active Recovery At 6:30!!!

Robb Sykes Rock Climbing At The Quincy Quarry-Photo By Ann Workman


5 Rounds For Time/Reps 4 Minutes Per Round
1 Minute Push Ups
1 Minute Air Squats
Sprint 200 Meters

Each Round Is 4 Minutes Rest The remaining Time, If There Is Any, When You Come In From The Run

Zone Chronicles: Terminal Survival” with Pat Sherwood wmv mov
From 155 all the way through to 325 on the Thruster Ladder Event at the Regional-Is Danny Nichols Unbeatable?
The CrossFit Games North East Regional Competition Is June 17-19 at the Reebok World Headquarters in Canton Mass. Get Tickets Here! Saturday The 18th we will have an 8:00am class only and then head up to Canton for all who are interested. Purchase tickets here!
“Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted”
-David Bly

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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    Congrats To Dave Charbuck on his first pull-up(s)!!!
    Not knowing weather or not he could do 1 he stepped up and did 3 strict! Then an l-pull up on Thursday!

    Also Betty did all 21-15-9 box jumps on Wednesday using the box!!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. tracibushy Reply

    Congrats Dave! You work so hard everyday, so excited for you!

    And Betty, your box jumps were amazing!!

    Thanks for my jump rope Greg B! (Tom will give you money for it)

  3. David Churbuck Reply

    Thanks to Mark and Traci and Sarah for making unassisted pull-ups my big goal from the very beginning and for making me drop a band every time I started looking happy.

  4. OldNatickRookie Reply

    Just signed up for my 3rd 5K
    http://www.tunneltotowersrun.org/ This one in NY. Feet don’t fail me now.

    Grampy Firefighter

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