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July 25, 2011
Phenominal Clinic With Sage Burgener Thanks To All Who Attended!


Burgener Warm Up And Skill Transfer Exercises


For 30 minutes we will work on snatches-using weight is optional. The goal is to improve and focus on form.

Followed By
10 Minutes to Find Your 1 Rep Max Over Head Squat

“Inspired by Greg Amundson, we talk with our members about the importance of a strong mental approach to training and how words and thoughts can influence your performance. We don’t allow any negative words at the gym. Pre-workout, sayings like “this is going to suck,” “I hate burpees” and “5 rounds? This is going to hurt,” aren’t allowed at the gym. Instead we say things like “I am going to get fitter today,” and “I’m going to get better at burpees today.” Our athletes know that thoughts become words, words lead to actions, actions create habits, and habits determine your destiny.”
Ben Bergeron

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  1. ErinM Reply

    But-I really do hate burpees…..:)

  2. Anonymous Reply

    I’ve kinda thought the same thing. I try to think more like, “this is a kick ass work out”…which is what we all feel great accomplishing once we do, right? And sometimes I DO think, “I hate burpees”…but I also think that I’m here doing them, knowing full well they are part of the WOD…and I hate them so much that I’m gonna KILL them!! 🙂

  3. Littles Reply

    I like burpees. NEVER thought I’d say it.

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